Jacuzzi and Jetted Spa Baths

Jacuzzi and Jetted Spa Baths

How a Jacuzzi and Jetted Spa Baths Can Improve Your Life

Generally speaking, a Jacuzzi and jetted spa baths are usually perceived as luxury items of indulgence. This is indeed true. There are few things as pleasurable as soaking in a spa bath after a long day, and having a party with your friends while everyone sits and sips cocktails can also be very pleasant. There are, however, many other reasons why people choose to invest in a Jacuzzi or jetted spa bath. Most of these have to do with health benefits, which become obvious once you have regular access to a Jacuzzi or a spa bath. So, in addition to a bit of luxury and ultimate indulgence, you can also enjoy many other things when you install a Jacuzzi.


Physical Health Benefits


  • Cardiovascular Improvements: According to certain experts, sitting in a Jacuzzi for a period of time can give you a little cardiovascular workout. When you immerse your body in water up to the shoulders or neck, water pressurises the chest cavity, and this helps to expand your cardiac volume. This means that you heart has to work a little harder to get the blood pumped throughout the body under pressure, which gives it a mini-workout and helps to keep the heart in a good condition. This is especially valuable for people who have been injured and cannot exercise regularly.


  • Improved Sleep: There is a lot of evidence that point toward how vital good sleep is for the body. When we sleep, it gives the body and the brain a chance to rest and restore. If you suffer from insomnia, or live a very stressful life that affects your sleeping patterns, soaking in a hot, relaxing Jacuzzi or jetted spa bath about half an hour before going to bed actually relaxes the body and promotes better sleep. Not only is it easier to fall asleep, but it is also easier to remain asleep for longer. It is, however, not recommended that alcohol is taken within a short time span of having the Jacuzzi, because alcohol can inhibit sleeping patterns. To take full advantage of improved sleep with a Jacuzzi, experts recommend lots of water, and perhaps a cup of camomile tea or hot milk before getting into bed after your session in your spa bath.


  • Eases Sore Muscles and Other Aches: As we get older, our bodies sometimes just start aching for no reason. Sometimes, there are more serious reasons for aches and pains, such as injured muscles, strained joints, arthritis, and just being on our feet the whole day. Sitting in the bubbly water of a hot Jacuzzi with the jets aimed at the painful areas provides a gentle massage that stimulates blood flow to injured or inflamed areas. This eases the pain and relaxes the muscles, leaving you feeling a lot less achy after relaxing in a spa bath. This is also why jetted spa baths are commonly found in gymnasiums. They are there to help soothe tired muscles after a workout, and to prevent stiffness.


Mental Health Benefits


  • Better Stress Management: When we are stressed, our bodies and minds are tense. We often also experience sleeping problems during high stress periods. Some people just have naturally low stress thresholds, and others live a very stressful life with work, kids, lifestyle, and other factors. Some also suffer from anxiety disorders. All of these factors can influence how we cope with relaxation and sleep. Immersing the body in the luxurious bubbles and softly massaging jets of a Jacuzzi or spa bath can help to aid relaxation. The hot water helps to relax both the body and mind, aids relaxation and stress management, and alleviates anxiety.


  • Improved Self-Confidence and Self-Esteem: When we feel good, we automatically become more confident in our approach to life. Being able to tap into the good thoughts and relaxation you experience while taking a spa bath makes you feel better, and being without aches and pains, and getting enough sleep (all promoted by having a spa bath) allows us to wake up more refreshed, have more positive thoughts, and feel better about ourselves. This prepares us mentally, so our self-esteem increases as a result as well.


There are many more health benefits of a Jacuzzi and other jetted spa baths, and we recommend that you speak to us about investing in one! At Summer Place, we have a wide range of jetted spa baths and Jacuzzis to choose from. Contact us today to find out more.

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