Indulge Yourself with Our Top Four Corner Baths for Sale

Indulge Yourself with Our Top Four Corner Baths for Sale

Nothing comes close to the satisfaction of taking some time off to pamper yourself with a warm, soothing, bubble bath. Baths have become synonymous with luxury and relaxation, which is the reason almost all homes of affluence feature bathrooms designed to offer an atmosphere of peace and quiet. If you are upgrading your home and are looking for a new tub, then perhaps you should consider one of our options for sale.

At Summer Place, our speciality is hydrotherapy. This is why we design products to suit the specific needs of our clientele. One of our most popular offerings is our range of luxury tubs for sale. A corner bath not only looks like a deluxe edition of a regular bath tub, but there are many advantages to opting for this type of tub, such as:

  • Awkward rooms with shorter walls more easily fit a tub into the corner.
  • Dead space in the room can be utilised.
  • More room along a single wall is freed up for facilities, such as wash basins and dressing tables.
  • It usually features a larger surface area to store toiletries and hygiene necessities.
  • More space in the centre of the bathroom is created, making moving through this area easier.
  • In terms of interior décor and design, a corner bath adds interest to a room by disrupting what would be a traditional, linear bathroom layout.
  • Some tubs include extra deck space, which doubles as a seating area. This attribute is especially useful for people with disabilities or elderly individuals who might struggle to climb in and out of a standard tub.

Every corner bath in our collection for sale is jetted, as well as designed and manufactured according to the high standards to which we strive to adhere. Anyone seeking premium, luxury tubs will absolutely adore our top four corner baths for sale.

  1. The Majestic Venus

    This twin corner bath is the Rolls-Royce of luxury tubs. Designed with grandeur in mind, the Venus design is the largest tub in our Summer Place collection. This product has an impressive capacity of 425ℓ and ten Shiatsu micro jets, along with six 90ℓ per minute, centre-air jets. With enough space for two adults to sit back and relax in this spa bath, the Venus is ideal for couples who wish to enjoy a romantic evening together.

  2. Loosen Up with the Capri

    If you are after the healing properties a professional Shiatsu massage can provide, then the Capri design is perfect for you. This twin corner bath for sale features 12 micro jets (six on each side), and brings the art of ancient fingertip pressure techniques into your own home, where you can spoil yourself as often as you’d like. You can take our word for it that your rejuvenated body will thank you.

  3. The Genius of Our Genoa

    Pampering doesn’t get any more blissful than our Genoa tub. The Genoa is one of our more popular tubs, and this is because of the sheer extravagance it has to offer. After a long and tiring day at work, the Genoa provides respite in the form of six, strategically-placed Shiatsu micro jets, 90ℓ per minute centre-air jets, and a headrest on either end of the bath.

  4. Transform Your Space with the Sienna

    The Sienna tub – just like the charming Italian city from which its name is derived – is an aesthetic marvel to behold. Designed for modern bathrooms, this creation will introduce elegance, beautiful lines, and refinement to any area. This corner bath for sale is all about the curves and generous space that it will offer your personal indoor retreat. Along with its beauty, the Sienna intelligently uses the best of technology to provide hydrotherapy in the form of a full-body massage to target aching muscles and joints.

Bring a Luxury Spa Experience Home

Choosing the perfect tub might prove difficult because each corner bath we have for sale is carefully made to display exemplary industry quality without compromising on aesthetic appeal. If you are looking to treat yourself at the end of each day with thermae relaxation, then feel free to contact us online. Alternatively, you can request a quote on any one of our products if you are interested in something specific.

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