Improve on Your Health with Hydrotherapy Spa Baths

Improve on Your Health with Hydrotherapy Spa Baths

Hydrotherapy is a great treatment designed to use heated water to sooth pains and help people endure ailments. It has, for many years, been used an effective medical and rehabilitation treatment.  This type of therapy is commonly used to treat the likes of arthritis, spinal cord injuries, and spasticity and even for paralysis which has been caused from a variety of illnesses. This is certainly reason enough for you to consider our extensive range of hydrotherapy spa baths.

Sports men and women the world over have found the benefits of hydrotherapy spa baths to deem them worthy of installation at their personal homes. Overworked and tired muscles can now enjoy the relaxation that these tubs provide and if you choose to use this therapy in addition to heat pads and infra-red lights, you can expect the results to be phenomenal.

At Summer Place we have a wide range of these units available for you to choose from. We present our range to the market with confidence and pride. Each unit has been selected for its design and durability. When purchasing one of these items our sales consultants will ensure that you are made aware of the various benefits of your purchase which include the following:

  • Improved circulation – hot tubs of this kind are able to increase the blood circulation of the body which improves lymph drainage which is responsible for draining toxins from the body.
  • Pain relief – it is proven that this form of therapy releases endorphins in the brain which are ideal for controlling and alleviating pain.
  • Strengthening of the immune system – with improved circulation your body will detox quite effectively which in turn creates a stronger and more powerful immune system.
  • Stress and tension relief – sitting back in the hot tub having a relaxing soak will certainly work away any stress and tension build up that you might have. Installing a spa with just the right jets will ensure that you can spend many hours simply shedding stress and recovering from long days / weeks.
  • Better complexion – the temperature of the hot tub will regulate perspiration glands and promote the secretion of waste products. This will keep your complexion looking smooth, refreshed and renewed.

Hydrotherapy spa baths specifically have hot seats as a feature. These seats have jets that concentrate massage to the paraspinal muscles and meridian flow channels which can be quite beneficial to the relaxation and overall health of the body. These features can actually help to restore the body’s energy flow and equilibrium.  The spa baths used for this type of therapy also feature volcano jets which allow for various levels of massage with different streams of water pressure. This is ideal for those looking to enjoy a deep and healing massage focused on areas such as the calves, quadriceps, and thighs and so on.

At Summer Place we will ensure that you go home with precisely the right spa for you. Simply provide us with details on your needs and objectives and we will present you with a range of products that are good options to consider. We have been serving the market since as early as 1968 and are therefore able to provide you and a large number of other people with a wealth of useful product related information and advice. When looking for the perfect unit to install in your home, take the size, style and design into consideration. Once you have settled on just the right product for you, you can rest assured that our technical team will handle the installation process with professionalism and efficiency.

Remember that these tubs have a variety of accessories that can come as optional extras for you to consider. These include the likes of a protective hard covering lid, underwater light, Ozonater disinfectant and so on. Adding these products to your unit will certainly improve your Jacuzzi experience.

At Summer Place we hope that you will find just the right hydrotherapy spa baths to tickle your fancy with us. By chatting to one of our friendly and reliable consultants you can secure a unit that suits your needs, requirements and budget perfectly. Change the way you enjoy your life – invest in and install one of our units today!

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