Jetted Bathtubs VS Tubs that Feature Whirlpool Technology

Jetted Bathtubs VS Tubs that Feature Whirlpool Technology

Beautiful Bathtubs Offer Unrivalled Hydrotherapy Health Benefits

Summer Place is synonymous with the design, production and distribution of premium-quality, jetted bathtubs and spas throughout South Africa and beyond. We’ve established a proud reputation as this country’s leading manufacturer of luxury jetted baths and spas during a 55-year period since our founding in 1968. Moreover, our products offer unrivalled hydrotherapy health benefits.


Inspired by Trendy European Styles

Although we’re inspired by the very best, luxurious and aspirational European trends when it comes to our bathtubs, our designs remain original and innovative. The unmistakable clean design lines, unrivalled quality and standard of workmanship that typifies our products are a hallmark in our industry, a feature which our clientele has come to expect from our company’s sought-after tub and spa collections.


Health-Promoting Hydrotherapy

Hydrotherapy is a popular form of treatment as it alleviates numerous health conditions by:Bathtubs

  • Promoting the recovery from sports and other injuries
  • Accelerating muscle and tissue recovery
  • Improving the circulatory systems of bed-bound patients
  • Eliminating toxins from the body
  • Providing a gentle yet penetrating massage
  • Encouraging deep muscle relaxation
  • Stimulating body cells
  • Speeding up the absorption of vital minerals and vitamins
  • Easing and removal of stress and tension
  • Balancing mind, body and soul
  • Leaving one feeling relaxed, rejuvenated and re-balanced


One of the principal elements that distinguish Summer Place’s products and the efficacy of hydrotherapy treatments in our bathtubs is the type and placement of our cutting-edge jets. We’ve enhanced the jet systems by introducing air to our water jets that are installed in all our tubs. We’ve patented the Summer Place Air Induction Jets that are recognised for providing three times more airflow than any other jet delivering an effective deep tissue massage.


The Bathtub Has Come a Long Way

Each time you step into one of Summer Place’s top-end, exclusive bathtubs to surrender your senses to the sheer luxury of indulging in a jetted tub experience, you’d be forgiven for forgetting about the evolution of this impressive product, which was preceded by unsophisticated, very basic tubs made of cast iron.

Now, the most sought-after and trendy, modern South African version of a bathtub is a Summer Place jetted product that not only offers a brief escape to luxury and relaxation but also introduces the long list of health benefits of hydrotherapy treatment to your home.


Hydrotherapy in Your Home

Pamper yourself each time you enjoy a blissful soak in your Summer Place jetted bathtub. We look forward to assisting you as soon as you contact us.


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