How to Undertake Your Own Spa Repairs

How to Undertake Your Own Spa Repairs

A spa bath is a luxurious item to have in your house, and one that promotes health and wellbeing. To get the best out of it, it is often best to know how to look after it properly and how to undertake your own basic spa bath repairs if needed – although professional help on this matter is highly recommended.

For some basic spa bath repairs aren’t that difficult to do, but you do need a certain level of knowledge regarding electrics and plumbing. If you don’t know anything about these topics, then it is wise to simply call out a professional. They will be able to tell you more about the problem, and show you how to fix it so that you can do it on your own in the future.

So what are the most frequent causes of faults, and how do you carry out spa bath repairs?

Cracks in the tub

Spa baths are usually used for recreational and social use, meaning that they are more likely to be subjected to damage than other general baths that you just lay back and relax in. If you find that your spa bath is leaking, the first step would be to drain the tub and check the entirety of the surface area for cracks. A spa bath usually has a surface made of fibreglass and while this is a strong and sturdy material, it is still prone to cracking if it has a lot of pressure forced against it.

The severity of the cracks will depend on whether you can implement spa bath repairs yourself. If they are only hairline cracks, then you should be able to plug the leak with some heavy duty epoxy. This is a substance that you can pick up from your local hardware or home improvement centre. If the cracks are larger and this doesn’t work, then it would be wise to call out a professional plumber straight away. Not only will this prevent the cracks from growing, but the plumber will also be able to undertake spa bath repairs with adhesives and crack fillers that are unavailable at your nearest hardware store.

Loose connections and handles

You should always check the fittings and connections for the floor and overflow drains so that you don’t find yourself with expensive spa bath repairs to shell out for. If you catch a problem when it has first started, then you could solve it by simply tightening some of the nuts and bolts.

To do this, you need to remove all of the handles and cover plates from the faucets and then check the connections underneath. If you are going to be doing this as part of your spa bath repairs, it is important that you first turn off any electric connections as well as the water flow.

Check that all of the rubber seals and gaskets are not worn out and are still pliable rather than cracked and dry. Wrap new Teflon tape around any fittings that are loose and replace any connections that have been worn out and no longer work.

Contact a professional plumber

These are simple methods for spa bath repairs, but you do need to ensure that you know what you are looking at. If in doubt, always hire a professional. When you are dealing with plumbing and electrics, there is always going to be a risk of something going wrong; this could be anything from electrocution to flooding, and neither is worth the risk.

When large appliances such as spa baths go wrong, then it can cause a lot of damage to your home and risk danger to your friends and your family. If you know that you cannot repair it for yourself, then it is always worth investing money in calling out a professional to deal with your spa bath repairs. Of course we are not trying to frighten you with all the “what ifs” when it comes to your spa bath, but rather trying to help you enjoy it at all times!

At Summer Place, we have a fantastic team of professionals who are experienced in both spa bath repairs and installations. When you notice that there is, for whatever reason, an issue, simply call us and we will be there to help you in no time at all.

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