How Taking Good Care Of Your Jacuzzi Can Reduce Yearly Repairs

How Taking Good Care Of Your Jacuzzi Can Reduce Yearly Repairs

Have you just bought a gorgeous, modern Jacuzzi for you and your family? Your wife and kids must be jumping over rainbows right about now. Everyone loves and secretly desires a Jacuzzi. I mean, what’s not to like about a hot spa-like bath that can either be moved inside or outside. And not to mention the wide range of therapeutic health benefits that these creature comforts provide. Everything from restful sleep, increased blood flow and relief of stress, to relief of muscle and joint pain, and reducing anxiety. These are just a few of the benefits you can enjoy. A Jacuzzi can also transform any outdated bathroom or outdoor space into a tranquil day-spa environment.

Yes, there really is nothing quite as uplifting as jumping into a therapeutically scented whirlpool Jacuzzi. But nothing can spoil it faster than bacteria, dead skin, hair, mildew, mould, and the remnants of the weekend’s lotions and dirt floating in black balls all around you. Oh yes, this happens, and while it’s certainly a far cry from the usual uplifting and inspirational Jacuzzi experience you’re used to, this is caused by lack of maintenance, on your part.

Just like a vehicle, a boat, a fridge or a swimming pool, your Jacuzzi may become a huge thorn in your side if you do not maintain or service it properly and regularly. Yes, Jacuzzi repair costs don’t come cheap and that is exactly why this big-ticket hot tub must be maintained properly, from day one. When you buy a Jacuzzi, you’re buying it for life and if you want to avoid throwing thousands and thousands away on unnecessary repairs each year, follow these instructions:

• Chemicals – while a water purification system exceeds all other hot tub systems, there are still some water purification chemicals that you will need to add to your water. Everything from germs and bacteria, to dead skin and a whole lot more can be treated with chemicals such as chlorine or bromine. While chlorine tends to be harsh on skin, eyes, and hair, bromine tablets are leading the way as the most popular water purifier for greener Jacuzzis.

• Clean the Filter Manually – just like a washing machine or a tumble dryer, cleaning the Jacuzzi filter weekly and monthly is more than a necessary precaution to lengthening the hot tub’s lifecycle. Always look for cracks, hair jams and black sludge, and where cracks are present, it will be in your best interest to replace the filter. Should sludge be blocking the filter, give the filter a powerful hose with water, and wash out all the debris and blockages.

• Spa Sanitiser Shock Treatment – While a shock treatment sanitiser is a bolus of concentrated chlorine used to help reduce the spread of any bacteria, the right dose will mostly depend on the size of the Jacuzzi, the water’s pH balance, the make and model of the Jacuzzi, and how often the Jacuzzi is used. While there are specialised bolus formulas designed to clean water and regulate the pH levels, it is best to find the recommended specifications in the manual of the specific Jacuzzi.

A tradition used in many cultures since Roman times, a Jacuzzi is much more than just a home improvement product. Not only are these creature comforts healing to the body, the emotions, and the mind, but they are also a fantastic way to spend evenings with family and friends on both warm and cold evenings, under the stars. There is so doubt that investing in a Jacuzzi is a lifestyle investment that you won’t regret. From physical and emotional to mental – a Jacuzzi hot tub can improve your health and better your quality of life.

Working hard to make Jacuzzi spa technology affordable and accessible to retailers, interior designers, architects, developers and homeowners throughout South Africa, we make sure that all our products are certified and rated against internationally recognised quality standards, best practices and benchmarks, and they all come standard with warranties.

Partner with a trustworthy Jacuzzi supplier that will make owning your hot tub a joy, and not a costly hassle. Contact us at Summer Place in Johannesburg to learn more about our extensive range of affordable superior quality Jacuzzis today.

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