How Do I Sanitise My Jacuzzi?

How Do I Sanitise My Jacuzzi?

Is your Jacuzzi looking somewhat murky? Are your bubbles a little too bubbly? Are your jets squirting murky green water into your tub? Then it sounds like it needs to be sanitised! A good clean is at the core of making every Jacuzzi experience unforgettable, not to mention germ-free and safe. So, if you are asking yourself, “How do I sanitise my Jacuzzi?”, we have some great suggestions and tips for you! You can, of course, get the professionals from Summer Place to do it for you, but if you have your mind set on cleaning your Jacuzzi yourself, here are some steps we recommend that you follow.

Step 1 – What you need: You will need to get some gloves, and a recommended Jacuzzi cleaning liquid (you can use powdered dishwashing liquid, however it’s always better to get a detergent that is specifically designed to clean Jacuzzis). You will also need to use a household bleach, a sponge, and some bathroom cleaner. Once you have all these products on hand, you can start the cleaning process.

Step 2 – Read your manual: It’s vital that you keep the manual for your Jacuzzi, as it’s there to help you maintain and manage your Jacuzzi in the best way possible. Good maintenance is essential if you want your tub to last a long time, and work properly all the way. When it comes to cleaning, the manual will tell you what you need to know, and it will suggest solutions for possible problems. It is also possible to call your Jacuzzi supplier and ask them how to sanitise your Jacuzzi. Not all tubs are the same, and there may be some subtle differences in how to clean them, but if you don’t have that information handy, you can follow the general guidelines in the rest of the steps below.

Step 3 – Fill the tub and cool the jets: It is vital that all the air controls are closed when you fill up the tub. Fill the tub with clean warm water to a level where all the jets are situated about seven centimetres below the water line.

Step 4 – Add cleaning detergent: It is always better to use a detergent that is recommended by the Jacuzzi supplier. However, there are a variety of specialist products on the market. If you don’t have access to any of these, you can use a powdered dishwashing detergent. Only add about 50 ml of low-foaming cleaning detergent to the water.

Step 5 – Add bleach: Remember to put on your gloves for this step, because bleach can be very strong and may damage your skin. Add 100 ml of bleach to the tub to sanitise the water. Bleach will kill the bacteria and organic matter in the tub.

Step 6 – Clean the jets: Now, it’s time for the jets to get a good clean. Turn all the jets on and stand back. You may find that some of the jets produce some unsightly matter, but don’t freak out! It’s just the gunk that has accumulated in the jets through use. Dust, skin cells, hair and other matter will accumulate in the jets during use, therefore you have to clean out the jets properly to ensure that this is removed.

Step 7 – Drain the tub: Once the jets have run for about 15 minutes, it’s time to drain the tub and clean it out properly. To do this, you can use the same products that you would usually use to clean your bathtub at home. Use a non-abrasive detergent to avoid scratching the interior of the tub. Once it is sparkling clean, you can rinse off all the detergent.

Step 8 – Rinse: Once you have cleaned the tub and removed the detergent, you can rinse the jets. Fill the tub with cold water (ensure all jets are covered) and run the jets for another 15 minutes. This will help to clean out any waste, bacteria and detergent that remain in the jets.

Step 9 – Final clean: All you have to do now is drain the tub and give it a final once over with a non-abrasive bathroom detergent. Rinse out the tub with warm water and dry the tub with a soft towel. Your Jacuzzi will now be clean and smelling fresh!

If you are still asking yourself, “How do I sanitise my Jacuzzi?”, just follow the steps above, or call the experts at Summer Place to give you some advice. We look forward to hearing from you.

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