How Do I Determine What Size Bath To Purchase?

How Do I Determine What Size Bath To Purchase?

Choosing a new bath is an exciting prospect, and one can only dream of all the wonderful moments that can be had while relaxing in the hot water after an exhausting day. Enjoying a bath with water jets is even more exciting – not only can you revel in the luxury of a bubble bath, but you can also get a gentle massage from the water jets. And there are so many different shapes and sizes to choose from! However, this can become confusing as you may be wondering how to determine what sized bath to purchase. Below, we provide you with essential information you need when choosing a suitable bath size for your space.

There are generally five rules that you have to follow to determine what size of bath to purchase.

Rule 1: Think about the type – What type of bath do you need? Are you happy with a free-standing bath, or do you want something that can be installed with set shelves and a tiled splashback? Do you need something simple, or do you want a jet bath that can massage your troubles away? Once you have decided which type of bath you need, you can move onto step two.

Rule 2: Budget – Of course, you have to consider your budget.  You have to be realistic and be able to make careful calculations when deciding on which bath to purchase. Obviously, the type of bath you choose will affect how much you will have to spend. For instance, a spa bath or a Jacuzzi bath with water jets will cost more to purchase, and often more to maintain than a normal bath. The type of material used will also influence cost, so you will need to be aware of the different types of baths and what they are made of. While some may be cheaper than others, it helps to consider their makeup. Often, some baths will last a lot longer than others, and it is essential that all factors are taken into consideration, while still sticking to the budget. It is not unusual to compromise on certain factors, but get it right.

Rule 3: Make best friends with your measuring tape – It’s not only the size of the bathroom that matters, but also the dimensions that are available to you. There are a variety of sizes and shapes of baths that are available, to ensure that you are spoiled for choice. One of the most important factors is for the bath to comfortably fit into the bathroom space, without creating an obstruction or overwhelming the room. Should you need a shower as well, you will need to calculate your dimensions according to the fitting of a bath and a shower cubicle, or alternatively purchase a bath with a shower attachment. The most important thing to note here is your dimensions!

Rule 4: Get the plumbing right – It is vital for your plumbing and electric work to accommodate the type and size of bath you need. If you opt for one with jets, your plumbing and your electrical fittings will have to be able to handle the bath you choose. It is best to consult with experts, such as the group of technicians at Summer Place, to advise you on how to determine what size and type of bath to purchase.

Rule 5: Try it out – Don’t be shy, get in there! Very often, we see a bath that looks fantastic and fits into the dimensions we have available and other times not. Some baths are shorter but deeper, others are longer but shallower, therefore,  in order to gain the most satisfaction, you will have to be able to comfortably fit into the bath. For this reason, , you should not feel inhibited when stepping into the showroom. Get into that bath, feel it out, in order to find out whether you will be able to bathe comfortably in that particular bath. Often, baths are wide at the top and narrower at the bottom, so if you have a bigger stature this will be highly uncomfortable. Choose something that fits your body shape for ultimate comfort and bathing enjoyment.

If you are looking for more information on how to determine what size of bath you should purchase, or you are wondering which type of bath to buy, give our expert team at Summer Place a call. We will be happy to help!

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