High-Quality Spa Bath

High-Quality Spa Bath

How to Find a High-Quality Spa Bath for Your Home

If you are in the market for a high-quality spa bath, you will probably find the whole process more than a little daunting. While the idea of luxuriating in your very own high-quality spa bath is something to look forward to, there are several steps that you have to follow in order to choose the spa bath that is perfect for you and your home!

Firstly, you have to remember that a hot tub, a spa bath, and a Jacuzzi are all basically the same thing. People tend to talk about having a Jacuzzi, but this is, in fact, just a very popular brand of spa bath. There are many different makes and models available on the South African market, and you do not have to specifically stick to getting a Jacuzzi. Ask your hot tub or spa bath supplier about the brands and styles they stock, and which of these will suit your needs the best.

Here, we provide you with some great tips on how to select the best high-quality spa bath for your needs:


  • Know What You Want: It usually helps to understand why you need a hot tub, and what your uses for it will be. For instance, if you have an injury or suffer from sore muscles, you need a high-quality spa bath that has strong jets for a more effective massage. If you are going to enjoy it with friends and family just for relaxation and fun, you may want to have an outdoor spa bath that is big enough to accommodate a number of people. If it is just you that will be using it, a smaller one will do the trick. Perhaps you need an entertainment system that you can plug your iPod or smart phone into for music. You must know your needs to choose well.


  • Do Your Homework: With the internet being as clever as it is, you can find out just about anything by pressing a few buttons on your computer. Go online to check out the various different types of spa baths there are, and which ones you think will suit your lifestyle, space, and budget. Check out the types of spa baths that will suit your purpose and uses the best. Also, check out the different manufacturers, their reputations, their history with clients, and the type of products they sell.


If price is important, then check out the manufacturers that sell spa baths within your budget range. Keep in mind, however, that purchasing a high-quality spa bath is best (even if it costs a little more or you have to compromise on space to get a more reputable brand) because it will last a lot longer and will not need constant repairs.

Think about any extras you will need with the spa – perhaps a music system, noise reduction, accurate temperature control, and many other things can be added. Enquire about installation costs, delivery, after sales service, repairs, warrantees, and service options, because all of these things may end up costing more than you think.


  • Measure Your Space: You need to be able to accommodate your high-quality spa bath comfortably in the space you have in mind, and this is why it is vital that you know the measurements of the space it has to go into. This will also affect the shape of the bath. For limited spaces, a corner spa bath will work best, but if you have more space, you have more choice.


  • Be Cautious: Even if you see a really good deal online, it is not recommended that you purchase a spa bath online. It is best to visit a showroom and to discuss your needs with an expert who can help you to make a more informed decision about the type of high-quality spa bath that will suit your needs the best. You certainly do not want to order a spa bath online, only to find that it is not suitable for your particular needs, is too big, or is made of inferior materials. It is best to physically view the range of spa baths available.

If you are looking for a high-quality spa bath for your home, pay our showroom at Summer Place a visit, or make an appointment with one of our experienced consultants, and we will ensure that you get the perfect spa bath for your needs!

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