Freestanding Baths – Style Your Home With A Modern Freestanding Bath

Freestanding Baths – Style Your Home With A Modern Freestanding Bath

Is your bathroom getting you down? Are you looking to turn it into a sanctuary, rather than a scrub-up room? It’s the 21st century and long gone are the days of boring and uninspiring outdated bathrooms. We’re living in an era where people prioritise comfort, simplicity and functionality, and what was once a room used only to scrub-up before and after a long and hectic day has now evolved into a space where we find solace and wellbeing.

Every bathroom needs a little character, and today, more than ever, there is no denying that minimalism is the new trend in bathroom design. Using the least to achieve the most, you can easily transform any ordinary lifeless bathroom into a thing of beauty with just one bathroom accent piece, that being the freestanding bath. Precision engineered to be sleek, stylish, free-flowing, polished and geometric, freestanding baths are well-known for their metropolitan appeal. Delivering elegance, luxury and sophistication, not only do they stand out, but these works of art have the mastery to define both class and aesthetics that will leave you with a sense of simplicity, balance and comfort. A staple for modern bathroom design, this is a bath style that comes with many benefits.

The Benefits

Showcasing clean architectural lines, organic curves and oval shapes, when it comes to character, these baths deliver. Doing so much more than just washing your worries away – they make a lifestyle statement. More like a sculptural piece of furniture than an actual bathroom fixture, freestanding baths lend a spa-like feel to any bathroom, without the noise and vigour of bubbling jets. Whether you prefer a traditional look or a more contemporary tub, freestanding baths are available in all kinds of styles – and these baths will never go out of fashion. Found in a wide range of materials and streamlined styles, these baths can be anchored just about anywhere – even in the centre of the room. Adding value to homes, businesses, developments and hotels, modern freestanding baths are simply a brilliant life-long investment.

Sculptural, Sleek, Free Flowing and Immersive

While we can think of many benefits of investing in freestanding baths, possibly the most important is coming home after a stressful day and climbing into one. A work of art that is modern, sculptural, sleek, serene, stylish, free flowing and immersive, a freestanding bath is a beautiful addition to any home. Everyone has that one accent piece that they dream about using in their bathroom. If it’s elegance, simplicity, sophistication and luxury you’re looking to bring into your dream bathroom, then you will be blown away by the freestanding baths at Summer Place Spas & Baths.

Summer Place Spas & Baths – Style, Quality and Value for Money

Welcome to one of South Africa’s trendsetters, suppliers and premier manufacturers of luxury freestanding baths and spas. At Summer Place Spas & Baths, we’re absolutely crazy about baths, which is why we keep up with all the latest international bath designs and trends. Celebrating a combination of both traditional and modern designs inspired by European trends, we can offer you a wide selection of hydrotherapy baths, spa baths and freestanding baths that come in a wide range of sizes and natural materials.

As the cornerstone of our business, quality and customer satisfaction are of great importance to us. Providing premier baths that offer a balance between style, quality and value for money – not only have we acquired a reputable name for our superior quality and unmatched customer service, but through relationships with local and international industry-leading brands, we are also able to provide businesses, homeowners, and developers with elegant freestanding baths at prices that no high-street store can match.

As the partner of choice for leading architects, designers and homeowners throughout South Africa, we install freestanding baths, spa baths and hydrotherapy baths to the highest quality and standards. If you’re looking to transform your bathroom into a space of beauty, tranquility and luxury, then chat to South Africa’s premier manufacturer of luxury freestanding baths – Summer Place Spas & Baths.

With showrooms in Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town, we’ll help you improve your bathroom with the right freestanding bath that truly reflects you.

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