Freestanding Baths : Design Ideas for a Remodeled Bathroom

Freestanding Baths : Design Ideas for a Remodeled Bathroom

Tips for Styling Around Freestanding Baths


Is remodelling your home’s bathrooms on the cards for you? Don’t take chances or gamble on the outcome; rather consider installing Summer Place freestanding baths to upgrade and perfect your revamped private inner sanctuaries – your bathrooms. It’s widely acknowledged that there are three elements or fundamental features that exponentially increase the aesthetic appeal, sought-after saleability and overall value of your home.


These aspects consist of the dwelling’s garden or exterior space, its kitchen, and its bathrooms. The inclusion of Summer Place freestanding baths in the property’s bathrooms also indicates desirable, aspirational, sheer luxury elements that everyone wants to feature in their own bathrooms when they remodel them.


Style Around Your Freestanding Baths’ Designsfreestanding baths


Despite the obvious but understated luxury and beauty of our freestanding baths, you should ensure that you’re able to elevate the bathroom further by styling around the bathtubs’ modern and sophisticated designs. Add additional high-end features, including:


  • a modern toilet design that features a hidden, in-wall cistern
  • strategic, atmospheric lighting
  • cabinetry and bathroom furniture that complement the baths’ clean and minimalist designs
  • sufficient and organised storage for fresh linens, lotions and potions and spare toilet rolls
  • one or more beautiful mirrors that are not only functional but also create striking focal points
  • heated towel rails for an added touch of luxury
  • underfloor heating to elevate the bathing experience
  • a demisting system
  • gorgeous greenery that doesn’t require full sunshine
  • pops of colour and texture provided by high-end tiles, cosy towels and fluffy bathrobes


Give your imagination free rein to incorporate exciting and creative ideas with which to style around your freestanding bathtub that truly resonate with your preferred style.


Summer Place’s Freestanding Baths Are Known as Islands


Our freestanding baths are known as ‘island’ units since they appear to float in the room, often in the central position of a bathroom.


In nature, islands occur in a variety of shapes and sizes. Similarly, our island bath designs are offered in a selection of clean-lined shapes that reflect enduring, elegant luxury whilst the measurements and sizes are designed to grace most bathroom sizes.


If you’re in any doubt about the freestanding bath designs that are best for you when remodelling your bathrooms, our consultants are available to advise and assist. They will take you through the multiple benefits offered by each of our five island bathtub designs.


All Summer Place spas and baths are equipped with the latest, most advanced jet systems, installed in a series that target specific areas of the body to promote a variety of health, wellness, relaxing and therapeutic benefits. This relaxing form of water treatment is known as hydrotherapy.


Choose Superior Luxury When You Choose Summer Place Freestanding Baths


With so many reasons to incorporate freestanding baths in your bathrooms, it’s high time that you install yours. Contact us at Summer Place to assist with your bathrooms’ remodelling; create the spaces that top your aspirations of sheer luxury.

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