Freestanding Baths l How Freestanding Baths Make a Stand-Alone Design Statement

Freestanding Baths l How Freestanding Baths Make a Stand-Alone Design Statement

Trendy Freestanding Baths that Make a Stand-Alone Design Statement


At Summer Place Spas & Baths, we specialise in ultra-luxurious built-in and freestanding bathtubs. Our range of freestanding baths is the perfect addition to every bathroom design.


Design Statement


As the most pre-eminent item that defines a bathroom, a stand-alone or freestanding bath makes a significant statement, one that determines and communicates the luxury and design of your bathroom. Its placement influences the aesthetic appearance and function of the space.


International Influence on South African Designs


Summer Place’s jetted freestanding bathtubs display the best of timeless, yet modern design trends, inspired by some of the best internationally sought-after designs. Our baths are designed, meticulously detailed and manufactured to enhance the lifestyles of our distinguished clientele, who are accustomed to the best that is on offer.


Impact on Bathroom Design Trends


There’s no question that a freestanding bath adds a decided air of luxury to a bathroom. Because a freestanding bathtub is installed away from walls, it has an immediate impact on the bathroom’s design and layout, not to mention its opulent ambience.




Freestanding baths may be installed almost anywhere within a bathroom. Some may have the impression that a freestanding bath takes up more space than a built-in tub, which is installed flush against one or two walls. This, however, is not necessarily the case. A freestanding tub requires about the same amount of space as a built-in tub, with the only difference being where it is placed.


Plan Your Bathroom Layout


Freestanding baths

Planning your bathroom’s layout is the first, fundamental step in designing a bathroom that features a freestanding bath, which is the largest, predominant item to be accommodated in the overall design. You may draw up a shortlist of the bathtub versions that you prefer from our Summer Place downloadable brochure or our website.


  • Bring us the measurements of your bathroom with the proposed position of other items, which are normally placed close to a wall.
  • Note the location of windows and doorways.
  • Summer Place’s consultants will check that your ideas are viable.
  • Before installation of your freestanding bath, our Summer Place installation team will ensure that plumbing requirements and electrical connections are in place in accordance with the position of the bathtub.


Choose a luxurious island bathtub from Summer Place Spas and Baths. Make your stand-alone bathroom design statement. Contact us to select the freestanding bath that’s designed to perfect your bathroom.

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