Freestanding Baths

Freestanding Baths

6 Bathroom Inspiration Ideas: From Freestanding Baths to Scented Candles


Most people make small changes to their homes over the years. These minor upgrades culminate in what eventually becomes the home’s overall aesthetic. Painted walls, refurbished sitting rooms, tiles to replace carpeting – homeowners seem to change every room in their house except the bathroom. The truth is that many people still see the bathroom as a purely practical room for nothing more than hygiene. Your bathroom, however, is the one room in which you can kick back and relax in a hot bath after a long day. If you have been neglecting this area of your house for far too long, then it may be time to rethink the space.

Whether you are looking into radically transformative statement pieces, such as freestanding baths, or just wish to add a few small changes, bathroom design is only one of many ways to renovate your home. Pouring your creativity into every corner of your home is the ultimate extension of your style. Luxury, leisure, and pampering are all within your reach – you just need to make the change.

Free Standing Baths Inspiration Ideas

Idea #1: Clean Up and Declutter

Refreshing the room’s look does not get any easier than getting rid of unnecessary clutter. While most of us hoard gifts, décor, and ornaments for sentimental reasons, all those odds and ends serve no purpose except to make the room look far too busy. Get rid of everything that doesn’t contribute to clean, simple lines, such as doilies, magazines, frilled hand towels, and even products you never use. With an open, larger space, you will breathe easier and create room for new inspired ideas.

Idea #2: A Splash of Colour

Contemporary simplicity doesn’t mean dull. You can still incorporate a fun or vibrant colour into your overall theme. A single, yellow wall or bright, teal cabinet may be just what the room needs to emphasise its best features. Don’t be afraid to experiment with shades you have never before considered. If you would like to better understand how to use bright hues, explore a few interior décor blogs or magazines, or read up about complementary colours in design.

Idea #3: Liven Things Up with Lighting

The lighting in any indoor space strongly influences the ambience. The most beautifully decorated room could still look rather drab if stuck beneath a cold fluorescent lightbulb. Update your curtains to blinds or shutters that allow for more natural light and invest in some creative light fixtures that tie the room’s look together.

Idea #4: Go Green

We all know that nature is tranquil and relaxing, so what better place to incorporate it than your bathroom? Some plants flourish in warm, humid environments, which is why placing them near baths is a superb idea. Hang them from the walls or overhead, create a miniature indoor herb garden, or introduce a bonsai to your bathroom counter – whatever you can do to enjoy the beauty of nature in your own home.

Idea #5: Invigorate Your Senses

The difference between your bathroom and a luxury day spa is that you have yet to see the former as a sanctuary dedicated to self-care. If you would like to transform your powder room into an at-home spa, then you can begin by setting the mood. Lighting scented candles, using essential oils, and playing soothing music will create an atmosphere ideal for a relaxing evening spent pampering yourself.

Idea #6: Harness the Opulence of Freestanding Baths

By far our favourite idea, freestanding baths are stylish, luxurious items that will completely revolutionise the way you look at your daily hygiene routine. A freestanding tub is versatile in that it can be placed just about anywhere in the room, so you can make it a centrepiece or save space by moving it to a corner. Cleaning freestanding baths is also far easier, as you have access to all sides of the tub without the need to lean over the structure. Nothing looks more luxurious than well-placed freestanding baths designed for comfort and elegance.

At Summer Place, we are dedicated to helping customers transform their lives through jetted corner or freestanding spa baths. Each model in our range has been designed to provide an aesthetically pleasing element to the room while offering all the benefits of hydrotherapy. If you would like to know more, we invite you to get in touch with us today.

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