Free Standing Baths vs Jacuzzis

Free Standing Baths vs Jacuzzis

Free Standing Baths vs Jacuzzis – What’s the Difference?

 Most people don’t know, but Jacuzzis are essentially the same as free standing baths. The name “Jacuzzi” refers to a brand name that’s used for spa- and jetted tubs alike.

Free standing baths don’t have to be installed on the floor or placed against walls. These can range from plain and simple regular tubs to more elaborate jetted ones. We offer a wide range of jetted and spa units for hydrotherapy in the comfort of your home or commercial use.


Types of Free Standing Baths Available

What makes these tubs better than regular built-in options is that they are well-suited to any theme. Whether you are drawn to a contemporary look, farmhouse style or complete vintage feel, they come in a variety of sizes and shapes. They’re also far simpler to install, as you only need to connect the plumbing and there is no need for additional construction to take place. In addition, they’re more convenient and flexible when it comes to placement options, as you can place them anywhere in the room. You’re not restricted by corners or walls.

Our free standing baths are all jetted, making them an even more attractive choice. Our range includes:


  • Cloud Island – Standard and DeluxeFree-Standing Baths

Both options are oval with a length of 203 cm and a width of 104 cm. The Cloud Island unit’s height is 61 cm. Our standard version weighs in at 65 kg while the deluxe is 20 kg heavier. The capacity for both is 300 L. The main difference between them is in the hydraulics, as the deluxe features twice as many jets and has two suction fittings as opposed to one.

They also differ in the number of whirlpool fittings, pumps and water and air capacity in litres per minute. The deluxe offers more advanced features than the standard Cloud Island. Both units feature clean and sleek lines boasting a minimalist design.


  • Moderno Island – Duo and Regular

Our Moderno Island bath adds style and contemporary flair and comes in two versions, one for single users and the Duo for two users at a time. The design features a rectangular shape, six Shiatsu micro jets, one suction and three whirlpool fittings. The difference in the Duo and Regular Moderno Island’s lengths is a mere centimetre, from 183 cm for the Duo to 182 cm for the Regular. In width, the larger is 108 cm while the smaller is 93 cm. In height, the regular is 1 cm higher than the Duo at 61 cm.


  • Parisienne Island

This option has a modern semi-oval shape and also comes in deluxe or standard versions. The larger of the two is 185 cm long, 105 cm wide, and 62,5 cm high. This bath adds a touch of elegance and luxury to any bathroom setting.




Want To Know More?

You will find the details for our collection of luxury baths on our website, including our built-in versions as well as spa units. Request a quote online if you’re interested in any of our free standing baths.

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