Free Standing Baths: One of Many Bathtime Options

Free Standing Baths: One of Many Bathtime Options

Built-in vs Free Standing Baths: Making the Right Choice for Your Bathroom Design


When it comes to baths, which option tops your list of options – ultra-luxurious free standing baths or stylish, state-of-the-art built-in units? It’s a delightful dilemma to have because there are so many marvellous high-end baths of both types on offer at leading South African bath and spa supplier, Summer Place.


The Dilemma – Free Standing Baths or Built-In Tubsfree standing baths


There’s seldom, if ever, an absolute wrong when you opt for a Summer Place product. However, the question stands; what’s right for your bathroom design – free standing baths or built-in tubs?


People’s preferences vary as much as the sizes and styles of their bathrooms differ. All Summer Place’s luxurious baths, regardless of whether they’ve free standing or built-in models, are fitted with strategically positioned series of top-quality hydrotherapy water/air jet systems.


Additionally, all our baths are equipped with self-draining pumps that completely empty baths and ensure that there’s no residual water remaining in plumbing systems thereafter. So, you cannot differentiate on these bases.


By taking various aspects of free standing baths and built-in tubs into consideration, you may find it easier to come to a conclusion – making the right choice for your own bathroom’s design, as well as the ambience and aesthetic allure that’s perfect for you.


Free Standing Bathtubs


Free standing baths immediately imbue your bathroom with a look and sense of super luxury. Because they typically stand free and clear of walls, free standing units automatically become the focal point of the room. You can usually enjoy a variety of placement options, depending on the size and shape of the bathroom.


Although there’s a perception that these tubs take up more floor space, it’s not necessarily so. Free standing baths are available in various sizes and shapes. From the ‘con’ perspective, ensure that there is sufficient free floor space around the bath to get in and out easily, and enough space to clean the surrounding floor properly.


Built-In Baths


Summer Place’s built-in baths provide an integrated, less-is-more, modern minimalist look in which various tub sizes and shapes can be accommodated. These models feature the same outstanding elements that make luxurious bathtime dreams come true. Their only possible limitation – tubs are installed against one or two walls.


Your Preference, Your Choice


When lovely luxury, outstanding design and technology, plus pure bathtime bliss top your list of must-haves, Summer Place’s built-in and free standing baths are your solution. The option you choose is directed only by your personal preferences. For further assistance and more, contact us at your convenience.

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