Fantastic Home Spa Ideas For Indoor And Outdoor Spa Baths

Fantastic Home Spa Ideas For Indoor And Outdoor Spa Baths

There are few things as enjoyable as luxuriating in the foamy indulgence of a spa bath. Often people book spa days for birthdays or special occasions, but we encourage you to dream bigger! You don’t have to limit yourself to birthdays, spend a fortune, or even leave your house if you want to enjoy a spa bath! Simply get your own spa bath installed and you will have access to one of the most indulgent luxuries you can dream of whenever you need to relax. Experience the sweet release of stress and indulge in your spa either indoors or outdoors – the choice is yours. Before you know it, you could be the proud owner of your own home spa! We have a whole list of home spa ideas that will make the experience so much sweeter.

Indoor Home Spa Ideas

Remember that the first and most important objective of installing a home spa is for sheer relaxation of your body, mind, and soul. A good idea is to keep the colours around it calming and earth-like to connect you to a more natural environment. Marble, clay, or stone colours work well. They help create a relaxing and beautiful environment around your indoor spa bath.

If you choose to use water jets, ensure that they are positioned in a way so that you can be seated comfortably while still getting massaged where you need it most. You shouldn’t have to shift around in the spa bath to get the massage you need. If you are lucky enough to have a view from your bathroom – perhaps overlooking a garden or some other perfect vista – position the tub so that you can sit comfortably while taking in the view.

Ensure that all the controls are where you can easily reach them and so you can turn the jets up or down as needed. More advanced home spa ideas include the installation of a music player or even a television., Just make sure that you don’t have to stretch into uncomfortable positions to adjust the relevant knobs.

If possible, seat the tub near a window that is large enough for the sun to stream in. This way you don’t only get your outdoor fix from the inside, but you can also enjoy the benefits of absorbing some vitamin D while you are luxuriating in your spa bath.

Keep your floors slip proof and ensure that towel rails and beauty products (like your favourite face mask) are close at hand. This makes it a lot safer to get out, and easier to reach products from within the spa bath.

Outdoor Home Spa Ideas

Outdoor spa baths are great because they can be used to cool down in summer and be enjoyed hot in the winter. There is something very special about relaxing comfortably in hot water with the steam rising from the surface on a cold winter’s night! Keep these home spa ideas in mind when thinking of putting one outdoors:

Privacy is obviously important. Unless you are an exhibitionist, you should probably install the outdoor spa where your neighbours or passing vehicles cannot get an eyeful, or you might be forced to wear a bathing costume every time you use the spa – and this is simply no fun!

Create an intimate area with some lounge chairs around the spa so that you can enjoy being inside the spa bath, as well as relaxing outside of it. It will also create a wonderful atmosphere that will enhance the experience of using your spa for relaxation. Perhaps you can add a screen or two and some evergreen plants. They will help create a more natural environment and make the entire experience more pleasant.

To create a more soothing experience you can add a stand containing natural soaps, fresh flowers and wonderful cosmetics to use. You can even fill it up with ice to keep some sparkling wine or champagne cool. You can sip on some bubbles while soaking in your new home spa.

If you are dying to get your hands on an indoor or outdoor spa bath and you need some more home spa ideas to make the experience even more special, contact our wonderfully creative team at Summer Place. We install so many of these wonderful spas that we have a lot of ideas on how, where and what should go where in order for you to get the best spa experience. Call us today!

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