Facts You Should Know When You’re Buying a Jacuzzi for Sale

Facts You Should Know When You’re Buying a Jacuzzi for Sale

Over decades a Jacuzzi has always been associated as a luxury bath. Before going out and purchasing a Jacuzzi you need to determine where you will install the hot tub, if the tub will be indoors or out and you also need to shop around and find a hot tub that suits your needs as well as your home and at the same time compare prices. It is well worth the effort to shop around as you will find good deals and also locate hot sales.

The very first tub to ever feature a hydrotherapy pump was a Jacuzzi in the late 50’s. Hot tubs were specifically designed to circulate the tub water via jets which in turn provides a deep tissue massage that soothes the joints and muscles. In today’s time, the very latest pump technology is included with a range of air jet placement options. Hot tubs are fairly simple to install, and is similar to installing a standard bath, although additional wiring and framing is required.

Finding a Jacuzzi for Sale is Easy

Once you have found the ideal Jacuzzi for sale that suits your home, you then need to install it. You can either hire a professional or install it yourself if you have the know-how, as the unit comes with full installation instructions. Once you have established that the hot tub is in line with your current plumbing layout, and that the existing floors are strong enough to withstand the weight of the hot tub, only then can you start building the frame as stipulated in the specification sheet.

The frame and floor joists needs to be stable and strong, as it holds the Jacuzzi in place and the water and the people using the tub. A GFCI outlet is recommended, although the tubing and pump have sealed units, should a leak occur, this will immediately trip the GFCI and prevent an electrical shock. If the hot tub includes a separate heating source, you will need two GFCI outlets.

Positioning the Outlets

Once the Jacuzzi has been stabilized in the frame and the tubes and pump has been connected, then you need to arrange the removable panel covers in place, as these panels hide the mechanical components. However, should you need to replace or repair and components, the panels can be removed easily to allow you easy access.

The flange needs to be attached to the wooden frame, and before screwing the tub into place, make sure that only the top edge of the tub is level as there is a slope for drainage on the inside. Stabilize the tub by attaching the anchor straps to wall studs or to the floor. Then insert the foam pads between frame and bottom of the tub which reduces the vibration when in use.

Use Silicone Caulking as Sealant

The creases between your wall and hot tub need to be properly sealed, as this will prevent the moisture seeping in. Allow this to dry properly before filling with water and using it. Today many homes have a Jacuzzi as they are more readily available to almost everyone as the prices have dropped considerably. There are many exclusive designs that are well affordable and Jacuzzi for sale that is well within the reach of most people.

Sunken hot tubs are still expensive, as they are in a class of their own, although there are many people that will still purchase these as they provide the ultimate luxury. These types of hot tubs can also be custom made to suit your style and needs, and allows one to choose the depth and size, and one can also create a small swimming pool. Once you have your Jacuzzi in place, you can enjoy a relaxing hot bath that will sooth the aches and pains away and leave you feeling peaceful and refreshed.

The new sunken hot tub range can accommodate three people comfortably and comes with comfortable recliners, and the body has more depth. The hot tub has 14.50mm adjustable jets as well as micro jets, a 1000W air blower and 1100W jet pump. There are also the deluxe corner seating tubs that are ideal for smaller areas and come with micro jets in the seats and four adjustable jets.

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