Enjoy All The Benefits Of Jetted, Self-draining Baths

Enjoy All The Benefits Of Jetted, Self-draining Baths

Gone are the days that you had to book an expensive Jacuzzi session at an out-of-the-way spa. Today, you can bring the comfort and benefits of self-draining Jacuzzi baths into your home. Now you don’t have to share a spa bath for a few minutes. Instead, you can enjoy your hygienically clean and comfortable bath in the privacy of your home, whenever you want, for however long you want.

A Jacuzzi is more than a luxurious must-have accessory for your property. It is revolutionary technology that can change the quality of your life, and it is still undergoing major developments, even today. Study upon study continues to confirm both the physical and mental benefits of sitting in a Jacuzzi for a period of time. It is also proven to help people who suffer from various chronic illnesses, ranging from osteoporosis to arthritis, as the buoyancy obtained in the Jacuzzi and the light exercise performed underwater increase mobility and strength.

Bring Home the Healing Benefits of Jacuzzis 

Even though a Jacuzzi is one of the best places in which to relax, it gives you much more for your time. You can look forward to reducing stress in your body with every soak you take. The bubbling of the Jacuzzi jets is especially soothing and helps you to relax both mentally and physically. Use your time in a Jacuzzi to get a reflexology massage by placing your feet directly in front of the water jets.

The human foot contains thousands of nerve endings, and its stimulation can serve to improve your overall well-being and mood. While you de-stress in the Jacuzzi, your blood pressure also lowers and you begin to unwind, as the soothing hydrotherapy works its magic.

Why Are Self-Draining Jacuzzi Tubs So Popular?

When you invest in a self-draining Jacuzzi bath, you have even less hassle to fret over regarding its upkeep and maintenance. It is pretty self-explanatory, as you don’t have to deal with manually emptying your Jacuzzi after taking a long soak. It is also great for hygiene, as there are no worries regarding lingering water that may harbour bacteria.

At Summer Place Spas & Baths, we have worked hard to grow into a celebrated manufacturer and supplier of luxury Jacuzzis and spa baths in South Africa. In order to provide our valued clients with a convenient and hygienic bathing experience every time, we ensure to have all of our surface-mounted weirs and skimmers fitted at water level. This helps to eliminate surface impurities from the spa, and prevents oil from sticking to the walls of the spa. This oil is responsible for causing an unpleasant scum line at the water level, and we make sure that you don’t have to worry about it.

High-Volume Jetted Baths

In order to ensure that our self-draining baths stack up against the best units out there, we only use P30 centrally air inducted high volume jets in all of our baths, as they can produce 130 litres of water per minute. This is in contrast to the industry standard of between 60 and 80 litres per minute. Our P30 jets also deliver 3 times the air volume of any other spa jet. This is just one more reason behind our persistent and growing popularity in the marketplace.

Another aspect that sets us apart from our competition is the fact that we use low-voltage brass-bodied chrome-plated on/off buttons on the side of the bath, rather than industry standard cushion pad-type pneumatic units that inevitably discolour after some time. We are committed to providing our clients with the very best quality self-draining baths and spa units available on the market, which offer the very best value for money.

Tap into our decades of experience and expertise in spa baths and Jacuzzis to find the best unit for your needs. We are always at hand to provide you with the great service that you have come to expect, and all of the professional advice needed to make an informed purchasing decision. To learn more about us, and for more information on our extensive catalogue of quality self-draining baths, contact us today.

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