Does Your Jacuzzi Need A Repair?

Does Your Jacuzzi Need A Repair?

If you love your Jacuzzi and you want to run it for as long as possible and for as little money as possible, you will know how important it is to maintain it properly. Regular maintenance helps to avoid costly Jacuzzi repairs, and also helps the tub to function more effectively, which makes for a much more pleasant spa experience.

When it comes to maintenance, however, some people get seriously overwhelmed. No worries! It is actually a lot easier and simpler than it seems.

Here, we provide you with a short guide from a reputable Jacuzzi supplier on how to maintain your spa bath, in order to avoid costly repairs.

Test the water: Usually, tap water is fine, but in certain areas, the water can be hard or contain chemicals or particles that may damage the sensitive components of the Jacuzzi. The pH should be checked to ensure that the alkalinity is in line with the manufacturer’s specifications, and the calcium hardness and sanitising agent levels must also be checked, and adjustments made to the chemical composition of the water where necessary. Some of the more modern Jacuzzis come with a pre-filter that removes unnecessary chemicals. These filters can also remove other particles, such as metals and even the finest silt that is invisible to the naked eye. Speak to your portable Jacuzzi supplier if you are not sure how to test the water or what to look out for.

Filter cleaning: The job of the filter is to ensure that the water remains clear and clean at all times. The filter traps particles, such as hair, skin, oil, dirt, and dust. It is, therefore, necessary to clean out this debris from the filter after a period of time, in order to avoid Jacuzzi repairs. Some filters can be cleaned, and others can simply be replaced, depending on the type of spa bath or Jacuzzi you have. Often, a pressure gauge is connected to the filter to show when the flow is becoming strained, but you should avoid only cleaning or replacing the filter once the pressure is high – it is better to do it on a regular basis before the pressure increases, otherwise, your pump may take too much strain, and you will end up paying for Jacuzzi repairs. Usually, every two weeks should be enough, but during heavy use, it may need cleaning more frequently. Your portable Jacuzzi supplier should be able to provide you with all the answers you need regarding filter cleaning.

Circulation: It is important that the water in the spa does not remain stagnant for a long period of time. This means that the water has to be circulated on a regular basis (usually every day), to ensure that the water is pushed through the filters and that the water remains clean and clear at all times. Some Jacuzzi suppliers recommend that around an hour of circulation should do the trick, but if the water does not appear totally clear, another hour of circulation may be needed. Heavy use will also increase the need for longer circulation.

Spa shocking: This sounds complicated, but it is actually just the addition of certain chemicals to the tub to exterminate any viruses or bacteria that may be harmful. The best chemical to use is sodium hypochlorite liquid chlorine, as this sanitises the water effectively. During winter, when the Jacuzzi runs at high temperatures, it may not need shocking as frequently, but it is still best to sanitise every day after use. Your local supplier of portable Jacuzzis should be able to provide you with all the chemicals and advice you need.

Air out the cover: Something that is quite often overlooked by many spa owners is the spa cover. Reputable suppliers of portable Jacuzzis say that it is important to air this cover out once every week, and it is preferable to remove the entire cover, so that it can dry out properly and take some time to breathe, especially if it covers a hot tub. The cover should also be cleaned and sanitised from time to time, to ensure that it remains free of bacteria and fungus.

What to Do When You Do Need Jacuzzi Repairs

Sometimes, maintenance is simply not enough, and something goes wrong. If this happens, you may need to contact your supplier of portable Jacuzzis for repairs or servicing. It is normal for parts to suffer wear and tear during prolonged use, and if this is the case, you will need a knowledgeable team of technicians that can provide solutions when you need them, at a reasonable cost. At Summer Place, we manufacture parts and spares locally, and our maintenance and repair technicians are always on the move to provide our clients with outstanding value-for-money. Give us a call today.

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