Does a Corner Bath Save Space?

Does a Corner Bath Save Space?

Is the size of your en-suite or guest bathroom getting you down – does a corner bath help save space? You’ve just moved into a brand-new apartment complex in the city, but the size of your bathroom is so small that it is the most depressing space in your home. There is already a bath, but it’s fixed in a terrible position, leaving hardly any room to move or breathe. To make matters worse, there is barely any space for your bathroom products, towels and vanity.


South African Apartments and Townhouses are Shrinking

Because of rapid urbanisation – with the need to be closer to the city for easy travel to jobs, new skyscraper apartments and townhouses are going up every day throughout South Africa. However, new modern apartment complexes and townhouses are shrinking. Cities are running out of space, and unless you live in a sprawling mansion on Clifton third Cape Town, a penthouse apartment in the heart of Sandton in Johannesburg, or a modern townhouse in Umhlanga Rocks overlooking the ocean, you will not find an en-suite with space for a shower, bath, and storage.


Your Bathroom Must be a Space to Unwind and Relax

Long gone are the days of small, outdated bathrooms. Today’s modern bathroom is so much more than just a cramped room to wash and dry morning and night. Defined by minimalism, geometric shapes, clean lines, smooth finishes, free space and neutrality, today’s modern bathroom makes a lifestyle statement and has the potential to become a healing space to unwind and transform moods. Much like a kitchen and bedroom, a bathroom is all about the perfect mix of functional storage solutions and contemporary furnishings and fittings. That paired with indulgence, you can turn any tiny bathroom into a spa.


Do Not Let That Tiny Wash Room Fool You

Just because your bathroom is small it doesn’t mean it can’t appear big. It is essential to make use of every inch available, and the best part is that you do not need to be an interior designer to get this right. If you’re battling a small bathroom – on a budget, there are ways to make it bigger. For instance, choose minimalism and install a corner bath. Here’s how your tiny bathroom might just become your new favourite healing space with the help of a corner bath.


Using Minimum Space to Maximum Efficacy

With minimalism the trend in modern homes, interior design is no longer just about colour coding and keeping up with symmetry. It is all about using minimum space to maximum efficacy. A corner bath is one of the best space-saving solutions for small bathrooms, efficiently filling that awkward corner space. Unlike the standard rectangular bath, corner baths sit comfortably and securely flush into the corner of the room. About half the size of a traditional bathtub, corner space-savers work as just a tub or a tub-and-shower combo. They also allow you to add additional features like a walk-in shower and a corner contemporary suite storage cabinet, which are features you once could not install.


A Statement Piece for Any Small Modern Bathroom

The standard corner bathtub has gone through a tremendous transformation. Today’s corner baths are functional in their design and a statement piece for any small modern scrub-up room. Showcasing crisp and sharp geometric shapes, organic curves, and clean architectural lines – corner baths come in a wide range of styles and materials. Modern corner baths are works-of-art with the mastery to define both class and aesthetics. They look so stunning in bathrooms that they leave users with a sense of simplicity, balance, and comfort, which is brilliant for mental health.

Today’s tiny modern bathrooms might still very well be the most modest room in the house, but that doesn’t mean they have to have the humblest personality. Every bathroom needs both character and airflow and using the least to achieve the most with a corner bath can transform even the tiniest of the lifeless bathroom into a tranquil space. Besides saving space, creating an indulgent haven where you can jump into a hot aromatherapy bathtub with a couple of jets massaging your muscles is a healthy addition to any busy executive, student or parent in today’s world.

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