Does a Corner Bath Save Space?

Does a Corner Bath Save Space?

How many times have you had to choose between a tub and a shower because the area was too tight for both? Does a corner bath save space in the bathroom? Now you don’t have to choose. The versatile tub saves floor area without you having to sacrifice luxury, quality or comfort. With so many benefits, it’s no wonder people are going wild for this product.

Bathtub Supplier GautengWord on the market has always been that a corner bath does save space. However, it also depends on whether it’s a rectangular or square-shaped room. The layout of a rectangular room lends more towards a standard wall-based bath, while the nook tub gets the chance to shine in a square room. Here we answer some popular questions.


  • How Does a Corner Tub Save Space?

These tubs have three to five sides, depending on their shapes. With these designs, the tubs fit perfectly into nooks, helping to take up less floor area than the standalone tubs suited for mid-floor placement or even wall units. With the addition of a shower screen, it’s possible to transform it into both a luxury tub and a refreshing shower, giving you the best of both worlds. Typically, these tubs have larger relaxation areas than rectangular wall-placed or mid-floor tubs. The edges of the conventional rectangular shaped tub can protrude into a valuable walk and dry-off space while the corner unit frees up the walk area.


  • What’s the Size Range?

Many sizes are available, but the standard size measures about 1520 mm at the widest point and the same at the longest point.


  • How Does the Smaller Floor Footprint Affect Your Relaxation and Comfort?

Surprisingly, even with less floor area taken up, this type of tub often has more bathing and seating area than the conventional rectangular type.


  • Is it Always a Better Option than a Rectangular Mid-Floor or Wall-Placed Unit?

No. Preference, available mid-floor area, the shape of the room, and placement of other furnishings also play a role. If the room is rectangular, then this tub can look out of place, unless you arrange the other elements to allow for free movement and highlighting of the tub as centrepiece.


Did You Know You Also Get Corner Jetted Tubs with Rounded Shapes?

Although most tubs in this range are either three or five=sided, it’s now possible to add an extra layer of elegance through the rounded shape. This shape tub has the perfect angle to fit snug where two walls come together, with the opposite side having a modern rounded shape. An example being the magnificent and jaw-dropping beautiful Sienna jetted tub. Apart from its luxurious elegance, the tub takes up less space than other types of the same size made for mid-floor or wall-length placement. It measures 2120 mm in length by 1500 mm in width. Another example of this innovative design is the Venus. Reminding of the opulence associated with the royal lifestyles of the ancient Roman leaders, the tub is suited for those with a discerning taste for elegance. It’s one of the larger corner tubs but still a space-saving solution for the master bathroom.


Ready to See Available Options to Save on Floor Area Usage?

Take your bathing experience to the next level with the opulence of a corner tub. Explore our exquisite range of tubs to save space while adding to your comfort level.

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