Corner Bath

Corner Bath

3 Hacks to Make Your Tiny Bathroom Look BigIncluding the Space-Saving Corner Bath

Are you living in a tiny apartment with a bathroom fit for a hobbit and looking for some ideas that will make the space look and feel bigger? You are not alone. Our living spaces are shrinking. Population growth and lack of income security coupled with a dwindling economy send people towards the city. The answer: develop and build smaller homes and apartments, and be sure at add a corner bath.


There are Countless Ways to Add Dimension to Small Living Spaces

capri corner bathSmall spaces often get a bad rap for being too challenging, but interior design is no longer about keeping up with symmetry. It is all about the use of minimum space to maximum efficacy. Fortunately, you can find endless tips on adding dimension to small bedrooms and living rooms online. To give the illusion of space and give the room that clean, chic, minimalist look, you only need one or two focal piece furnishings. To add a vibe, complement the space with a throw, pillows, jute rug, and a floating shelf with a Macramé wall-hanger or a piece of contemporary art. However, there is one space that always poses problems, even for minimalists – and that is a tiny bathroom.

Today’s bathrooms are so much more than just scrub-up rooms. The number of bathroom fixtures coupled with limited space and natural light makes these tiny spaces challenging. The good news is research proves we can create the illusion of space with simple bathroom hacks. For instance, if you were to fill your tiny bathroom with dark furnishings, you will feel claustrophobic. If you were to add some natural light with soft decor and colour, you turn your bathroom into a space of tranquillity and healing.  If you’re stuck with a tiny bathroom that makes you feel stressed instead of relaxed, these hacks will add dimension and personality.


  1. Go Spa-Like with an All-White Bathroom Design

The past decade has seen various colour schemes come and go, but one colour that always delivers is white. White reflects light better than any other colour, and that is why it is the staple for spas and gyms. A neutral, relaxing and soothing colour, all-white bathroom design creates a spa-like feeling, ringing up emotions of calmness and healing. White walls and ceilings paired with brass or silver fixtures also give the illusion of a bigger space, creating a seamless look throughout the bathroom. Pro Tip: Install tiles to the ceiling as this will help to open the space.


  1. Hang an Oversized Chandelier or a Contemporary or Boho Pendant

Small bathrooms often appear dark, and the best way to add dimension and brightness is to add natural light. Organic light opens up spaces, but if you only have a small window, opt for something like a chandelier or an oversized pendant. Not just for French castles or luxury homes in Sandton and Cape Town, large chandeliers and pendants work with every interior style – from modern and contemporary to boho styles. An oversized modern, contemporary, classic or boho light has the power to dictate personality and add the right ambience to any tiny bathroom. However, do not forget to install extra lights at the sink and mirror areas, too. Pro Tip: Mirrors reflect light, so take your tiny bathroom from small to big by either hanging one big mirror above the sink area or mirror an entire wall.


  1. Corner Baths

We live in a stressful era, from juggling families, kids, careers, homes, paying bills to cooking dinner every night. Our lifestyles are demanding, and while some people use the gym to unwind, others enjoy a long soak in a hot bath after hours. But if your bathroom is too tiny to squeeze in a decent size bath, there is only one thing to do: install a corner bath. A corner bath is one of the best space-saving solutions for tiny bathrooms. Not only do these baths give the illusion of a lot more space, but they add a spa-like ambience. Today, corner baths flaunt sharp geometric shapes and organic curves that come in many styles and materials, gifting users a sense of relaxation and healing, which is excellent for mental health.

Small spaces often get a bad rap for being challenging, but with some creativity and a couple of hacks – and with a corner bath, you can turn any small bathroom into a place of peace and beauty.

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