Smart Solutions for Small Spaces: Embrace the Beauty of Corner Baths

Smart Solutions for Small Spaces: Embrace the Beauty of Corner Baths

Depending on the size and to some extent, the features you select, a corner bath can be a remarkable space-saving addition to your bathroom. It’s not necessarily the case that this type of tub occupies much more floor space than any of its built-in counterparts – traditional rectangular or oval bathtubs.


A Corner Bath’s Space-Maximising Configuration

corner bath


Other bath shapes can sometimes be narrower than a corner bath but may take up more floor space along their lengths. However, once installed flush against two walls, a corner unit tends to occupy a square-shaped floor space. This square configuration tends to provide a maximised open, free floor surface within the room, thereby offering a smart, space-saving solution in a smaller bathroom.


Enjoy a Relaxing Bath Experience


Because the space inside a corner unit spans its internal cross-corner section, it’s not significantly shorter than other tub types. This bath design invites you to stretch out and enjoy a relaxing bathtime soak, particularly if the bathtub features jets. Typically, a Summer Place corner unit is wider than other bathtub models, which adds to its spaciousness, comfort and freedom of movement, as well as the opulent appeal of a luxurious corner bath.


Considerations When Choosing Your Corner Unit


Several factors are important to consider before deciding on a corner bath for your bathroom. Firstly, the bathroom should be large enough to accommodate a bathtub. Some tight bathrooms only have enough space to house a shower. However, keep in mind that by fitting a fold-away shower screen and an optional shower head or hand-shower attachment, it’s possible to incorporate a shower in a corner unit.


Secondly, it’s essential to have sufficient clear and open floor space to access and exit the bath safely and with ease. A surrounding clear floor space of about 60cm to 76cm is ideal; a slightly narrower margin of approximately 53cm may be fine too.


Why Choose Summer Place?


If you choose South Africa’s premier baths, you’re invariably choosing Summer Place as your preferred jetted bathtub designer, manufacturer and supplier. With our proud record of producing this country’s most sought-after spas and baths that now spans 56 years, we’ve long since become the leading South African manufacturer of these world-class products.


When the best is available from Summer Place Spas & Baths, why settle for anything else? This is particularly relevant if the choice involves the space-maximising, jetted corner bath that defines elegant luxury within your private sanctuary – your bathroom.


The Summer Place Selection


By investing in a state-of-the-art Summer Place jetted corner bath, you’re embracing the comfort, convenience and luxurious sheer beauty of the simultaneous marvels of artistic design and the science of jetted relaxing hydrotherapeutic treatments. Contact us today to select your ideal space-maximising corner unit.

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