Corner Bath Sizes

Corner Bath Sizes

Spa Bath Sizes:  Give the Illusion of Space with a Corner Tub That Fits

Are you thinking about installing a jetted spa bath this winter? Somewhere across the globe, flowers are blooming, and everyone is getting ready to bask in the summer sun. In other parts of the world, like South Africa, orange leaves fall off trees, letting us know that it’s time to pack our beach gear away. Every year before the cold months arrive, South Africans swap their outdoor area for a cosy spot indoors to bask near the heat of burning logs. But why curl up in front of the fire with hot cocoa every night when you can soak in a hot jetted bath with a flute of chardonnay?


A Hot Soak in Winter Does Wonders for the Body and Mind

If you’ve never visited a hot spring in the middle of winter, not only are you missing out on an incredible experience, but you’re missing out on some extraordinary healing benefits. An old Roman tradition found in many ancient cultures, indoor and outdoor jetted spa baths are a significant investment in health and well-being. A dated technique that uses the healing power of hydrotherapy to achieve wellness, a hot soak in a jetted bath helps to relieve stress, anxiety and insomnia. These baths also ease aching muscles and improve chronic illnesses like arthritis, Type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and obesity.


First Rule of Thumb: Measure Your Bathroom Space

No one walks into a bathroom warehouse and chooses a bath off the showroom floor without doing their homework. Installing a new jetted bath into your bathroom or outdoor area is a sustainable investment that will see a significant return on investment (ROI) – but installing a new bath is no small undertaking. There are many models, shapes, sizes, and materials, not to mention all the latest technology. Before you even consider purchasing a corner spa bath, the first rule of thumb is to measure your bathroom size. A large contemporary freestanding model will not work in a small bathroom, but a modern corner bath showcasing clean architectural lines and organic curves will seduce.


Corner Baths Give the Illusion of Space

genoa corner bathCorner baths are a popular feature in urban development – and a lifestyle statement. They give the illusion of space to any small-and-large bathroom, configuring to meet different bathroom sizes. Corner baths never fail in delivering – unless you invest in the wrong size from a fly-by-night supplier with no returns or after-sales support. Because bathrooms and corner baths come in various sizes, you need an expert supplier to measure your bathroom and walk you through their selection to find the right fit. Get this wrong, and your investment will turn into a liability.


Take Note: Size Affects Consumption and Fit

A jetted corner bath is a staple for modern bathrooms and the hottest installation trend in urban bathroom development design – especially since lockdown started last year in March. With families and couples staying home and unable to de-stress and catch their breath without a vacation, spa bath sales have hit the roof. But bigger is not always better. It is essential to recognise that the size of your bath will affect your monthly water bills. Further, it could take forever to fill. Choosing a spa bath is a personal decision, so before purchasing any corner bath and hiring a crew of muscles to rip out your old one, shop for a credible bathroom specialist. You want a bathroom trendsetter, supplier, and installer with a dazzling reputation, like Summer Place Spas and Baths.


The Top Choice for Homes, Developers, Businesses , and Architects

As the leading spa bath trendsetters, manufacturers, and suppliers of choice for homes, developers, businesses, architects, and hotels, we work hard to make jetted-spa bath technology affordable and accessible to everyone. Furnishing the nation with quality bath brands, we carry both traditional and modern designs inspired by European trends engineered from the finest, highest quality natural materials, providing an organic touch to your bathroom design.


We Provide Guarantees, Warranties, Maintenance, and Repair Plans

Similar to a vehicle, boat or swimming pool, your hot tub is a long-term lifestyle investment that will change your life. Besides our extensive range of sizes and materials that no Big Box retailer can beat, all our baths come with guarantees, warranties, and maintenance, and repair plans. Further, our relationships with industry-leading brands allow us to provide you with bath prices.

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