Beyond Backyards: The Convenience and Comfort of Portable Jacuzzis

Beyond Backyards: The Convenience and Comfort of Portable Jacuzzis

It’s not unusual to find that some people may not realise that a Jacuzzi or spa tub isn’t always a permanent fixture. In fact, South Africa’s prized, premier manufacturer of cutting-edge spas and baths, Summer Place, also offers a luxurious portable Jacuzzi, in addition to other types of jetted products.


A Portable Jacuzzi’s Fundamental Features and Benefits


A portable Jacuzzi can be moved, relocated and installed in a different position or at a different location – arguably this product’s most outstanding feature. Its portability is but one of its beneficial characteristics.


  • Since it is portable, this Jacuzzi is not classified as a fixture when selling a property.
  • Summer Place’s portable spa sits on top of a stable, secure, 100% level surface that can accommodate the spa and the weight of its water when full. Because the tub is not set into the ground (in-ground), it can be moved, hence its flexible portable status.
  • Its flexibility means that you have opportunities to position your portable Jacuzzi elsewhere on your patio or beneath a lapa in your garden or backyard. Place it adjacent to a swimming pool or water feature, in an outdoor entertainment area, near a braai, or virtually wherever you like to make it the source of many hours of entertainment and relaxation.
  • Because the acquisition of a portable Jacuzzi is an investment in your health, well-being, relaxation and entertainment, you can enjoy its countless benefits wherever you reside. Your investment accompanies you when you move to new premises, so it keeps paying dividends by providing luxurious relaxation and the wondrous health benefits of jetted hydrotherapy sessions.
  • Because the water contained in a spa is heated, this tub can be enjoyed all year round, and not only during the summer and months with mild weather.
  • Other than its portability, a moveable spa hot tub from Summer Place offers all the beneficial properties of its permanently installed, fixed and fitted counterparts.


It’s a new year. So, why not start the year by investing in a portable Jacuzzi and soak up the benefits all the time, year-round?


Portable Jacuzzi

Personal Benefits


There’s no shortage of personal benefits for you to enjoy by owning a portable spa:


  • Indulge in therapeutic soaks in your portable hot tub – whenever you choose.
  • Benefit from the strategically placed water/air jets, designed to provide you with a gentle, yet deep, tissue massage that aids recovery from injuries and muscle strain.
  • Improve blood circulation, lymphatic drainage, weight loss and numerous other conditions naturally.
  • Relax, enjoy, de-stress and surrender yourself to pure indulgence in the comfort and convenience of your own home.


Get in touch with a Summer Place outlet or our head office today to acquire your very own portable Jacuzzi. Enjoy its multitude of therapeutic benefits at your leisure, now and for a long time to come.

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