Commercial Spas and Jetted Baths

Commercial Spas and Jetted Baths

Let Your Clients Enjoy the Luxury of Commercial Spas And Jetted Baths From Summer Place!

The very thought of a spa bath or jetted bath brings along a feeling of indulgence and luxury. Being able to soak in the bubbly bath at the end of the day, while jets softly massage your body is a wonderful experience! Many luxury establishments, gymnasiums, hotels, and guest houses are therefore always looking for a good deal on commercial spas and jetted baths to offer their clients that like to indulgence.

A jetted bath or spa is especially necessary at a fitness facility or gymnasium. Installing commercial spas at a gymnasium not only offers a luxurious way to relax after a workout, but it also offers a number of benefits that are necessary in a fitness environment. For instance, tired muscles can be massaged by the water jets, and this may reduce stiffness and pain. Immersing the body in the soft environment of warm water can also help to relax muscles and benefit cardiovascular fitness. For those who are particularly fitness oriented and work with weights often, jetted baths are virtually a necessity.

When it comes to hospitality, one of the best services you can offer your clients is the indulgence of a spa or jetted bath. Whether they are staying with you on holiday or during a work trip, being able to enjoy some luxuries that are not necessarily available at home can be a big marketing tool. If they are on a work trip, they will certainly choose establishments where they can luxuriate in a commercial spa or jetted bath after a gruelling day on the road and in meetings!


Is There A Difference Between Commercial Spas and Jetted Baths?

There are no differences between the two. Both commercial spas and jetted baths offer the same kind of comfort and luxury. Both consist of tubs (in a variety of sizes) that contain jets that can pull water from the tub and spurt it out under the waterline for massage purposes. Often, a bubble system is also built in. This allows air to be filtered through the water, and bubbles to rise from the bottom of the tub to the top. This creates a relaxing and soothing sensation on the skin.

Generally, the use of jets are required to massage muscles, but the added sensation of the bubbles in the water caressing the skin adds to the feeling of being enveloped in a warm, soothing cocoon. Both offer the same therapeutic characteristics. People also tend to confuse a hot tub with a Jacuzzi. There is, however, no real difference between the two, but because one of the most well-known manufacturers of hot tubs is Jacuzzi, hot tubs are often referred to as Jacuzzis.


How Summer Place Can Help

Summer Place is one of the most prominent suppliers of commercial spas and jetted baths in the country. Because we are cost-effective, provide a large range of products, and are highly experienced in advising clients about the best type of commercial spa or Jacuzzi for their establishments, we are the true experts to approach.

Not only do we specialise in residential spas and Jacuzzis, but we also liaise with guesthouses, gyms, and hotels about the best types of commercial spas and jetted baths that would suit their purposes perfectly. We have been in business for more than thirty years, and we are currently considered an industry leader in the spa bath industry in South Africa. We have strived towards this goal for decades, and as a result, we are seen as one of the most knowledgeable and trustworthy suppliers of residential and commercial spas and jetted spa baths.

We also maintain and service our spa baths, and as a result, you are always assured of a partner that can take care of your spa bath needs. Our repair team is on standby all the time to ensure that you get the best service, and because we manufacture most of our own parts, we always have access to the spares you need in order to keep your spa bath running perfectly. We know that the perfect functioning of commercial spas and jetted baths are particularly important because businesses depend on the income that these luxury items provide.

If you want to update your establishment or install a new spa or jetted bath in your commercial establishment or gym, give our team a call. We will be on hand with affordable products, high-quality services, and advice that will help you to maintain your commercial spas and jetted baths whenever needed. Call us today for more information!

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