Combating Debilitating Bone and Joint Diseases with Hydrotherapy

Combating Debilitating Bone and Joint Diseases with Hydrotherapy

The four most common ailments that people use hydrotherapy for are diabetes, lower back pain, arthritic diseases and insomnia. One in every five people around the world suffer from some or other type of arthritic disease which is a fairly common and affects the bones and joints and gets worse as we age. As people age the more sever and pronounced the symptoms become and the joints become painful, swollen and immobilized especially after exertion. Therapists highly recommend warm hydrotherapy which eases muscle tension, dilated blood vessels and relieves pain.

For people that require constant therapy should seriously think about investing in jetted bathtubs, where you can provide yourself with hydrotherapy treatments whenever you need to, on your own time without having to leave your home.  Warm hydrotherapy has proved to be far more effective than heating pads and dry other such dry heat treatments. When treating your hands and feet, alternating hot and cold treatments are highly recommended.

Get a Helping Hand from Hydrotherapy

Hot and cold hydrotherapy treatments repeatedly open the arteries, of which has a far better effect in reducing severe pain. Cold and flu are a common ailment that people visit the doctor for and the second most common ailment is back pain which can be caused by a number of factors that include injuries and other related disorders, pinched nerve or sciatica, sore stiff muscles, injuries to the connective tissue or vertebrae and other.

Studies that were carried out over the past decade reveal that people suffering from back pain and who made use of hydrotherapy treatment, experiences relief and reduction in pain as opposed to those that did not use hydrotherapy treatment. People receiving hydrotherapy treatment also use far less painkillers to control the pain, which means they have less chance of negative side effects associated such harsh chemical drugs.

Using jetted bathtubs that provide mechanical and thermal benefits, will benefit various types of back pain. All depending on your symptoms and type of back pain, some people experience complete pain relief when utilizing hydrotherapy treatment and some experience decreased pain relief. Hydrotherapy provides a relaxing outlet for back pain and makes living more comfortable. At some point in everyone’s life, you will suffer from insomnia or struggle to fall asleep. Insomnia can become a debilitating problem for some people, and lack of sleep can cause irritability and depression, leaving them wide open to illnesses.

An Effective Way to Improve Specific Illnesses

Hydrotherapy has proved to be one of the most effective and popular home remedies for sleeplessness and insomnia, and has been proved to improve the quality of sleep. An excess amount of blood in the brain is what generally causes insomnia. A hot hydrotherapy bath dilates the blood vessels and helps to increase the blood flow to areas such as the limbs, which in turn decreases the excess blood from the brain.

Air and water jet massages reduce stress and relax the body, and a low core body temperature will also help you sleep better. Two hours before bed, soak in a warm tub which will lower your core body temperature and at the same time draw blood from the brain, and ensuring a good night’s sleep. People suffering from Type 2 diabetes using hydrotherapy have experienced a marked improvement in their health. Studies revealed that diabetics that soak in a hot bath for half an hour a day were able to control their plasma glucose levels and weight far easier.

Jetted Bathtubs – Perfect for Home Therapy Sessions

Many diabetics participating in hydrotherapy, start requiring smaller doses of insulin as a result of the treatment. Hydrotherapy increases the blood flow to the skeletal muscles, and in turn allowed many of the diabetic patients to participate in exercise programs. Jetted bathtubs are helpful in relieving symptoms of asthma, angina, bronchitis and other such congestions.

When the trunk of the body is soaked in a warm hydrotherapy tub, the blood flow increases to the lungs and heart and other organs, and eases headaches and nervousness, tones the muscles, soothes a sore throat and the vocal cords and also helps varicose veins decrease in size. Hydrotherapy alleviates cramps in the stomach and pelvic area, and improves gall bladder, liver and intestinal disorders and other disorders that cause pain. Hydrotherapy is a well worth long term investment.

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