Cloud Island Deluxe Bath

Cloud Island Deluxe Bath

Enjoy the Benefits of the Cloud Island Deluxe Bath from Summer Place

cloud island deluxe bathThere are few things as soothing and relaxing as enjoying a spa bath. The luxuriousness of the bubbles against the skin, the comfort of the massage by the water jets, and the sheer bliss that a spa bath can provide are hard to beat! At Summer Place, we present you with our Cloud Island Deluxe bath. This is practically the Ferrari of spa baths with a lot of built-in features that will provide you with all the pleasure and relaxation you need after a long day or a hectic exercise session.


There are many benefits associated with our Cloud Island Deluxe bath. These include the following:

  • Lowers blood pressure: Studies have shown that being submerged in a spa bath for more than twenty minutes can actually lower blood pressure. The pressure from the water regulates blood flow and cardiac activity, and decreases the pressure of the blood in the body.


  • Stress relief: Relaxing in our Cloud Island Deluxe bath provides you with the ideal opportunity to relax when you are stressed and tense. The sensation of the water, the soft bubbles, and the massage provided by the water jets are all conducive to a more relaxed frame of mind and body. Being able to just soak while the water does all the work is a great way to manage stress and to learn to relax. Often, soothing music can make a significant contribution to the state of relaxation. If you have access to a spa bath on a regular basis, you can use it to significantly reduce your stress levels and the tension in your body.


  • Pain relief: Spa baths are very effective at providing relief from aches and pains. If you have sore joints or muscles, a spell in your Cloud Island Deluxe bath is just what you need to nurse those aches and pains. It has been proven that hydrotherapy can speed up recovery from injuries and help to speed up the rate of healing. The jets in a spa bath are positioned to provide outstanding relief for painful back muscles – and this is the most common muscle discomfort that people tend to experience. Soothe away that pain in your spa bath!


  • Improve blood circulation: Being submerged in water increases cardiac activity. As a result, blood flow throughout the body is improved. This means that vital nutrients and oxygen are pumped to all the organs, the muscles, and the skin.


  • Headache relief: Spa baths can reduce the intensity of headaches and migraines. When sitting in a spa bath, the blood vessels become dilated, and this, in turn, reduces pressure in the head. The relaxation that is provided by a spa bath can thus help to reduce or even eliminate headaches.


  • Weight loss and diabetes: If you are overweight, your body takes a lot of strain every day. Sitting in a spa bath does not only take the pressure off your limbs and joints, but it also soothes sore or painful muscles and joints that carry the weight all day. It could even help with weight loss! Some studies show that weight can be reduced by spending around 30 minutes in a spa bath every day. Diabetes is also said to possibly improve with daily spa sessions.


  • Improves sleep: Because the Cloud Island Deluxe bath can aid relaxation, and massage sore muscles and headaches away, it brings you into a more relaxed state. If you take a spa bath before bed, your quality of sleep should improve, as you are likely to fall asleep a lot easier and faster than usual because your mind and body are more relaxed.


At Summer Place, we bring to our customers a whole new range of spa baths and Jacuzzis that they can enjoy. One of our favourites is the Cloud Island Deluxe bath. With twelve shiatsu deep-tissue massage jets, convex back support, five air jets, a surface skimmer, and two air controls, this is indeed the deluxe spa bath you need. The subtle, clean lines and the timeless design of this freestanding bath make it a pleasure to look at and to soak in. Contact our team at Summer Place today to find out more about our Cloud Island Deluxe baths.

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