Choosing the Perfect Luxury Spa Bath for Your Home

Choosing the Perfect Luxury Spa Bath for Your Home

While bath tubs seem to be a common item found in homes today, this was not always the case. In fact, when tubs first made their appearance onto the market they were seen as luxuries only to be afforded by those with swanky jobs and desire to indulge. These days; to have a bath tub in your home is fairly normal, but not everyone has the privilege of having a luxury spa bath at their disposal. This type of tub is designed with the ultimate enjoyment and pleasure in mind. If you are prone to busy days, sporting activities or even long hours at work, then this bathtub could be the very thing that helps you to de-stress, refuel and unwind.

Not everyone is aware of just how rewarding it can be to return home from a long day to a glass of wine, or a cup of tea and a long hot soak in the tub. It is an even better experience if that tub is deep, with a comfortable design and a few jets to help with the massage and relaxation process. If you are shopping around for the perfect tub to compliment your bathroom then you will quickly discover that the market place is jam packed with options for you to choose from. Sleek Italian designs, modern trends and smooth lines make many of the spa tubs available an elegant addition to any stylish home.

There are a few things that you should take into consideration when looking for this type of tub. First and foremost, know how much space you have available. Those with a smaller bathroom will usually look into a corner unit to save on space and ensure that the bathroom doesn’t end up looking cramped. At Summer Place we have a wide range of these units for you to choose from and with the help of one of our friendly and professional sales consultants, you can find just the right one for you and your home.

The Summer Place range caters to all tastes and budgets. If you are worried about ordering the wrong size unit and handling the installation then rest assured that we can help with measuring up the area and doing the actual installation too. We don’t just supply tubs to the market – we design bathrooms and lifestyles to match. By ensuring that our rates are competitive and that our services are prompt and efficient we are able to spoil our clients with the opportunity to have the bathrooms of their dreams.

Any house can have a bathroom, but only a home can have one that is able to cater to the specific needs of the family. Once you have chosen the luxury spa bath for you, you will find that you have a little something more to look forward to when coming home.

Shopping for a new bath will make you think of a few things in terms of design and everything fitting in with each other. Shop around for a colour that will match your existing decor and furnishings in the home. Also, look for a tub that is wide enough for you to comfortably lie back in. You will find that there are various shapes available and sometimes it’s best to hop in and feel it out for yourself before making a purchase. We encourage you to take a look at our extensive catalogue at Summer Place – we are confident that you will find what you are looking for right here.

Since we opened our doors for business in 1968 we have been focused on providing our clients with a product that is of the highest possible quality and a service excellence that cannot be faulted. We train our staff members to treat our clients with respect and professionalism and we have no doubt that you will enjoy working with any of our team members when trying to choose the right unit for you.

Whether you are refurbishing your existing bathroom or trying to install a new one, our range is complete with everything you could need, including accessories. While working on your premises we will be speedy, but will not compromise on the quality and thoroughness of our service and workmanship. Take a trip to Summer Place or visit our website and start looking for the right luxury spa bath for you without delay.

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