Choose the Right Jacuzzi for You

Choose the Right Jacuzzi for You

The Jacuzzi is certainly an item that requires no real introduction. It is a relaxation and leisure item that everyone has wanted to have in their home at some time or another. For a period of time you only saw these at luxury spas and resorts, but with changing times and the modern day bathtub taking on various new forms, many homes now have their own to share with family and friends.

There are various types of Jacuzzis that you can get on the market. For those looking for an out of ground unit that is portable, our range of PowerForm Spas is the perfect option. These units are designed to offer an exceptional experience. They are crafted from UV resistant acrylic material which means that it will not fall victim to the negative effects of bacteria, oil and chemicals as it cannot absorb them. The shell is protected by a slatted wood encasing with a rich, high gloss finish. This will ensure that that the exposure to the elements will not damage the actual tub.

You will find that these units require very little in terms of maintenance as the outer case needs to only be wiped down every couple of months. The actual tub can be emptied every few months if you are using chemicals and running the filter system as instructed. There is no need to fear pump flooding or any water and moisture damage to the base of the unit as it will stand on a base which is insulated and keeps the base of the unit free from touching the ground.

One of the major benefits of investing in one of these units from this particular range is its convenience. You can control the temperature easily with a digital control panel. You can expect for the tub to maintain its temperature exceptionally well even on cold nights as the back of each tub is covered in a high density urethane insulation. Each seating area is set quite deep which means that you can comfortably submerge your body and have the freedom to relax. Most of the units in this range offer 14 micro jets which offer exceptionally relaxing Eastern Shiatsu massage. Other jets provide for a gentle foot massage and a deep massage of the calves and thighs. There is no doubting the fact that this Jacuzzi will help you to unwind and let go of all the stresses and strains of your day or week.

The pictures and details of each unit that we stock from the PowerForm range are available on our website for your perusal and convenience. If you decide that one of these units is for you, we will happily assist you with the installation. You will need for the area to have a level surface and electrical supply. A garden hose running to the installation area is also important as you will need to connect this to the water inlet. The fact that these units are not installed into the ground also means that they can be moved should you move to a new home in the future.

At Summer Place we are dedicated to ensuring that our clients are presented only with products that offer exceptional value for money and product quality. You will find our team members to be friendly, helpful and with a great deal of product related knowledge and advice to offer you. Deciding on which unit is best suited to your home, your needs and your budget is made a simple task with their professional assistance and guidance.

Since Summer Place started up in 1968, we have been working hard to show our dedication to product quality and service excellence. Our product range has changed and improved over the years, but our attitude towards our customers has always remained the same: dedicated, focused and honest. We encourage you to chat to us about your needs and to allow us the opportunity to present you with a variety of options and detailed quotations to match. When considering your Jacuzzi options the PowerForm range from us at Summer Place is bound to meet with your every need. Order your unit from us and have absolute peace of mind and no regrets.

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