Some Useful Questions To Help Choose The Perfect Jet Bath For Your Bathroom

Some Useful Questions To Help Choose The Perfect Jet Bath For Your Bathroom

Picture this: coming home after a tiring day at work, and all you want is some quiet relaxation time for yourself. Nothing sounds better than climbing in a jet bath to de-stress. Not only are there countless benefits of hydrotherapy, but you can also enjoy easing into a pulsing and inviting warm bath to take some time for yourself.

However, before you go out and find your dream jet bath, we’ve compiled a few questions that you’ll need the answers to before you make your decision.

Will the Jet Bath Fit in the Bathroom?

Before you even look at a jet bath, your first point of departure should be to measure the bathroom, including any space you might gain when breaking down walls or taking out an old tub. Jet baths come in so many different shapes and sizes. If a big jet bath is what you desire, make sure that your bathroom has ample space for it to get the most benefit out of your new tub.

If you’re fortunate enough to have the space to create a relaxation station, you can further augment your bathing experience with small details, such as candles, oils and bath salts.

Will the Jet Bath Fit Through the Door? 

The last thing you want is to take the measurements, order your dream jet bath and have it delivered, only to find that it can’t even fit through the bathroom door! Paying for extra renovations, just to get the jet bath into the room, can add to the remodelling stress and affect your budget. Make sure that you measure the door as well, and don’t forget to leave enough room to turn when you want to carry the bath in, before setting the jet bath into place.

What Does the Jet Bath Weigh?

Have you had a look at your flooring? When you’re working with a wooden floor, you’ll need to consider the tub’s weight, plus how much weight the added water and people will add to it. Should the need arise, you’ll need to add support or bracing as necessary. Keep this in mind, if you’re installing a bath on the second floor.

Anytime you’re remodelling in the bathroom, you may also uncover weak or damaged flooring that must be repaired and reinforced, before you can make other improvements, such as installing the jet bath and moving other items around.

Will the Bathroom Have to be Reconfigured?

Are you planning on purchasing a high-end jet bath? You may need to reconsider other items of your bathroom’s design, or even break down walls as part of the installation. Your “bargain jet bath” can quickly turn into a very expensive project if you buy the wrong size and structure.

Make sure that you have enough space for all your items. Create extra shelving space by installing floating shelves, and taking out cupboards to create more room for the essentials. You’ll be happy you did this.

Where’s the Plumbing?

A plumber could be your best friend when remodelling. They have to be able to get in the space to set up the jet bath. Likewise, the motor box has to be easily accessible, in case the jet bath breaks down – make sure to leave space open for it to be fixed.

The easiest, most cost-effective way to make sure that you don’t have plumbing headaches is to ask our store for the specs for any model you’re interested in, and then hire a licensed and specialised plumber.

Which Jet Bath Fits with My Design?

Oval-shaped jet baths, such as our Cloud Oval, have more traditional shapes, and bring simplicity to your bathroom, while the rectangle shape in our Moderno range is more modern and luxurious. Keep in mind that the style of the tub fillers and faucets set the design tone.

Our Capri design is ideal for sharing a bath with a partner, or when you want some alone time to enjoy the twin corner bath. Another favourite is the Venus round jet bath, which gives you a 360-degree view and endless enjoyment.

At Summer Place, we have ranges of the finest jet baths sure to do any remodelling justice. Our seasoned sales staff are there to assist throughout your buying journey, and to answer all your questions regarding finding the right jet bath for your home. To view our jet baths, visit our stores or browse through the online catalogue to find the perfect one for you. We can’t wait for you to sit back and relax in one of our beautifully designed jet baths.

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