Choose An Inventive Corner Bath Design To Make The Most Of Your Bathroom

Choose An Inventive Corner Bath Design To Make The Most Of Your Bathroom

Whether you have a large or a small bathroom, there is a bath out there for you. New, innovative developments in the industry include a wide variety of straight, deep, short, shallow, round, oval corner bath designs, and you will be able to find one that is perfect for your bathroom if you know where to look!

Summer Place specialises in providing clients with the most modern and comfortable baths, and our corner bath designs are suited to most bathrooms. These corner bath designs are wonderful for utilising a corner in your bathroom that would otherwise not be used. They do not require a lot of space like the usual straight bath, and they tend to free up areas in the bathroom where other bathroom units, such as a shower cubicle or basin unit, can be installed.

The design and layout of your bathroom can be significantly improved by choosing the right corner bath design. They can create space in the centre of the room, which gives you more space for movement and a more comfortable bathing experience. Choosing an innovative bath design also means that the corner bath can make the most of the space available, and just because it is designed to fit into a corner, it does not mean that it is smaller! Because the bath fits diagonally across the corner, there is actually a lot of volume to work with that creates a lot more space for comfortable bathing – sometimes even enough space for two!

When it comes to corner bath designs, there are a lot of different shapes on the market. The bath can be created in a triangular shape with a seat, the classic oval shape, and even an hour-glass shape. This gives you a wide choice when it comes to choosing the right corner bath for your space.

One of the advantages of installing a corner bath is that it provides a lot of surfaces where necessary toiletries can be placed. A free-standing bath is often problematic because the shampoo, soap, and other things you need fall off the sides while you are bathing, so you have to get up to retrieve these from the floor. Corner bath designs usually incorporate a surface area where you can place everything you need to have a comfortable and relaxing bath – without having to retrieve any objects from the floor!

Another thing a lot of people like is that corner bath designs may incorporate certain features, such as water jets, back or neck rests, seats, and even armrests. These designs cater for a whole lot of needs, especially for people who need certain water therapies or cannot completely submerge themselves in a full tub. Hand rails and non-slip bath surfaces can also be added for safety.

Because innovative corner bath designs incorporate so many different features and benefits, they are ideal for virtually any bathroom. These days, the designs are almost endless, and you can get a corner tub in practically any style. Whether you would love an ornate bath with a wide rim or thinner, minimalistic lines, you will be able to find what you need at Summer Place. Corner bath designs also come in a wide range of colours and materials, although the hardcore interior experts usually insist on earthy colours, cream, or white bathing units, because they add value to property (it is a lot harder to sell a home with an avocado green corner bath, than it is to sell one in supreme white!).

One of the things you should consider when choosing from all the different corner bath designs is the space you have available, and the current or planned layout of the bathroom. You have to take accurate measurements and ensure that the bath you choose can comfortably fit into the space without too much construction needed. It is also important that the other objects or components in the bathroom match your design. For instance, the basin and basin unit, toilet, and shower all have to be in sync with each other, or you will end up with a slapdash mess.

If you are planning to install a corner bath in your current bathroom, consider the location of the plumbing, so that you can place the bath in a location that will require the least amount of effort and money, and ensure that there is a free area around the bath that allows you to move in and out of the bath in comfort.

If you are looking for some of the most innovative corner bath designs around, contact our team at Summer Place today.

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