Buy a New Modern Bathtub

Buy a New Modern Bathtub

How to Facelift Your Boudoir on a Budget: Buy a New Modern Bathtub and Use These Ideas

Did you promise your wife you would revamp the bathroom this winter – but now you’re worried if you can afford it, or is your old bathtub not living up to your expanding household? Whenever we think of the words: ‘bathroom renovation’ or ‘new bathtub, we immediately visualise a five-figure job that entails ripping out the entire bathroom. There goes’ the tiles, walls, your sanity – and your 2021/2022 year-end family holiday.

There is little doubt that a bathroom makeover is stressful in terms of misery, unmet timetables and cost. But what if we told you that a cosmetic makeover does not have to cost the earth and that a cheap bathroom makeover is possible? Today’s modern bathrooms use the least to achieve the most. That means it is easy to add space and ambience to any small or outdated boudoir with only a few bathroom furnishings.

modern bathWhether you want to transform your space into a tranquil spa with a new modern tub or bring your boudoir back to life – you can do it without breaking the bank. As one of the leading bathtub suppliers and design experts in the Southern Hemisphere, we understand times are tough and have put together some budget wow-factor ideas to get that spa-like boudoir look – including a new modern tub. You might consider buying the following:

  1. Brass accents
  2. Indoor plants
  3. Neutral designs
  4. Statement pendants or chandeliers
  5. A modern freestanding or corner bath


It’s an Investment You Can Afford

There are many ways to facelift a bathroom. You can go big on mirrors, feature the floor, or you could anchor an exquisite oval, round or square freestanding or a corner tub. Modern baths always deliver – unless you buy a cheap one with zero guarantees, topped off by an inferior installation. Top Tip: before you buy a new modern bathtub, buy your supplier first. A bath is a lifelong investment, and you need a supplier who shares the same quality values as you do.

Whether you’re looking to buy a freestanding oval-shaped tub to stand in the middle of your boudoir, or you need some accessories to add personality, chat with the spa bath experts at Summer Place Spas & Baths. As South Africa’s leading trendsetters, suppliers and premier manufacturers of baths and bathroom accessories, we carry all the latest bathtub models and accessories inspired by European trends. We provide installation, guarantees, after-sales services, and fantastic maintenance plans.

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