Buy a Freestanding Bath

Buy a Freestanding Bath

Why Buy a Freestanding Luxury Bath?

That sensation of relaxing in the tub, champagne in hand, and candles lit with bubbles all around has long been forgotten. It is time to bring back the luxury aspect of bathing. Why not buy a freestanding bath and remember your carefree days before the hustle and bustle of everyday work life? You can’t go wrong with our selection of luxury baths.


Selecting a Luxury Freestanding Bath That Is Perfect for You

Luxurious Freestanding BathsWith so many different home layouts nowadays it isn’t simply the product, but also the space you have to consider. Do you have a large enough area to install a freestanding tub? What style of bath will best fit your sanctuary? Is it viable to buy a freestanding bath just for the sake of aesthetics? Will you be happy with a conventional wall-placed tub as seen in most households today? Here are the reasons you should consider an upgrade for your bathing space:

  • Standalone tubs can be placed almost anywhere.
  • They fit the elegance of your home’s design.
  • A superb variety of luxury options.
  • Exceptional relaxation qualities.
  • Durable materials make for a better buy.


When it comes to choosing the perfect luxury bath, consider the following:


  • Inside or Out on a Deck?

With a standard built-in tub, you basically have no choice but to place it against the wall or in a corner. This can make or break the ambience of the bathroom. It can also limit the space for the installation of other luxury fixtures, such as a shower or basin unit. With the option of a standalone unit, you can let your imagination run wild. Highlight the opulence of the freestanding bath with a middle of the room placement. You can even place it on a deck for a luxurious open-air experience. Just picture a warm summer night, soothing bath oils, a starry sky, and not a care in the world.


  • Wow, That’s Gorgeous!

Don’t you just love it when your friends praise your style choices? It is sure to happen if you buy a freestanding unit to complement the stunning laminate wood flooring. With no limitations on the placement, it is possible to make a statement of elegance by putting it in the middle of the room or just beneath a skylight. Impress guests by giving them the epitome of luxury. Rather than buying a conventional bath unit, opt for a more creative means to improve the sumptuousness of the bathing experience.


  • A Decision to Be Made

Better choices are surely made when there are more options. Thus, the fact that we offer so many different styles and designs of luxury baths is a huge bonus. You can take your time and browse until you find the perfect fit for your home, lodge or guesthouse.


  • Peace and Tranquillity

Luxury furnishings add to the feeling of wellness. Buy a freestanding tub to improve the bathing experience, thereby investing in a means to reduce stress. The time you spend alone is by far the most important to help regain focus. If your body is calm, your thoughts will follow. Being content in a tub that doesn’t allow comfortable positioning is rather difficult. It also doesn’t help if the tub is too small and you feel the walls closing in. With a standalone tub, you can have ample space for free movement and optimal relaxation.


  • Long-Lasting Happiness

Our freestanding baths are made from durable materials, ensuring a good return on investment. You can have a luxury time for years to come and also save on repair expenses in the long run. A quality buy is worth more than a bargain that is short-lived.


  • Add Value to Your Property

Realty agents emphasise the importance of well-equipped and stylish kitchens and bathrooms. If you want to add value to your property, do so with a luxury fixture such as a standalone bathtub from our collection of sought-after products.


What Next?

We provide specifications on each product available, helping you to make an informed buying decision. Feel the freedom in your abode with a unique and chic bathroom. Elegance never goes out of style. With our comprehensive range of modern luxury baths, you can choose a freestanding unit that fits the space and style of your bathroom. View our collection and get in touch for a quotation.

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