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Top Questions Answered by Gauteng’s Leading Bathtubs Supplier

Summer is here, and the trend of South Africans cancelling their national and international summer holiday trips to stay at home is leading to a surge in bathtub sales. An affordable distraction from the pandemic – and a daily escape, bathtubs are in hot demand. While some may argue that it’s non-essential for physical, mental and emotional health, a whirlpool bathtub, with powerful jets that pump soothing bubbles of pressure against your aching, tired body, is more vital than ever.

Today, the typical suburban loft apartment, townhouse, or holiday home is no longer complete without the presence of a hot tub, and there has never been a better time to get one installed. Prices are low, they come in many materials and shapes, and you can put them in your main bathroom or even in the yard, under the stars. Further, they bring sophistication, comfort and style to any space, but choosing one is not always easy. As a top bathtub supplier, we have answered some common questions you may have as a first-time buyer.


Essential or Non-Essential: Do You Need a Bathtub in Your Home?

If you live a high-stress lifestyle or suffer from high blood pressure, heart disease, insomnia or any pain-related ailments, a spa bath is what you need. Stress can affect both productivity and overall health, but water is a source of healing. Leading the way to wellness, from head to toe, the healing power of hydrotherapy relieves muscle tension and arthritis, promotes better sleep, and detoxifies the skin. Moreover, it’s a fantastic addition to summer evening entertainment at home. The best part is you now no longer have to leave the house to enjoy a spa-like de-stressing experience. Of course, you have to get something to match your needs, and a good bathtub supplier can help you make the right decision.


Which Tub is the Best for Your Space: Hot Tub Spa or Jetted Bath?

genoa bathAn important question that you must first answer before bringing your new tub home is where you will install it. Although less involved than installing a swimming pool, bathtubs come in many shapes and sizes, but first and foremost, decide whether you want a hot tub spa or a jetted bath. Often used interchangeably, a hot tub spa bath typically refers to an above-ground portable spa used inside or outside. Jetted bathtubs are generic for Jacuzzi®, which can be in-ground, above ground, or portable with a bench seat and several jets around the tub. These are big-ticket items, so to ensure the right purchase, chat with a knowledgeable bathtub supplier.


Decide on Your Bathtub Style: Do You Want Freestanding, Corner or a Walk-in Bath?

While we can think of many benefits of investing in tubs, possibly the most significant is coming home after a stressful day and climbing into one. Models range from corner, freestanding, walk-in, in-ground or mobile whirlpools, to air tubs, heater baths, moulded tubs and luxurious steam cabin bathtubs. These modern essentials flaunt streamlined curves and lines, delivering character and style. With shapes that range from circular, triangular, square, and rectangular to oval – it is a decision that demands the help of an experienced bathtub supplieror an interior decorator.


How long will a Jacuzzi Tub Last?

A reputable bathtub supplier will tell you that a tub can, in fact, be a lifelong investment. That is, a quality bathtub will last around 20 years, if maintained well. Unlike a swimming pool, they come with new technologies that boast various features. As a result, regular maintenance and servicing are essential. To avoid purchasing something from a fly-by-night bathtub supplier, do your homework on the supplier and make sure that they provide guarantees, maintenance and repair plans, and consistent customer support.



Can a Hot Tub Increase Property Value?

Bathtubs can transform any space into a tranquil spa environment – but can they increase the value of your property? As one of the top sellers in the UK, bathtubs provide healing, comfort, luxury, style, and character to any home. However, if you are planning to sell your home, do not install a tub to increase the price. South Africa is not in a seller’s market, and a hot tub may not help the value, but it will help the property’s saleability.

A quality bathtub is a small price to pay for what you get. Whether you are planning a backdoor retreat under the summer evening stars or an indoor spa-like experience, make these hydrotherapy inventions a lifestyle statement with the leading bathtub supplier in Gauteng – Summer Place Spas & Baths.

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