Jetted Spa Bath Tub

Jetted Spa Bath Tub

How A Jetted Spa Bath Will Improve Both Your Home and Your Health


Having a long soak in a warm bath is undoubtedly one of the most tranquil, uplifting experiences that one can enjoy. Bathtubs are not just about hygiene or how they make you feel. However, did you know that they come with a whole host of other benefits? Spa tubs were designed with the consumer’s needs in mind, and as modern models are released each year, we see more and more added features that can only improve one’s life. If you are done with ordinary tubs and want to elevate that traditional night-time ritual to something a little more opulent, then a spa bath is for you.

Jetted Spa Bath

The benefits you can expect from these luxury tubs can be classed into two categories: home and health. Where “home” pertains to your chosen style as seen throughout your residence, and “health” refers to the physical advantages of immersing yourself in bubbling, warm water.

From an Everyday Bathroom to a Design Masterpiece

Most bathrooms look the same; a standard washbasin, toilet, and bath or shower. What sets spa tubs apart is how well they instantly upgrade the room when installed. Due to being designed with sleek lines and modern simplicity in mind, an ordinary sanitaryware item becomes a statement piece. Jetted bathtubs come as freestanding tubs, corner baths, and even drop-in units. Whether your style is simple and sophisticated, or loud and striking, you can find a spa bath that suits the theme of your home.

To add to the beauty behind these tubs, your bathroom will become a relaxing getaway that you will not want to leave. Picture the exact moment you come home from a tiring day of work and sink into the warmth and calmness of that aerated water – what could be better? Not only will your home be the envy of all your guests, but you will be too busy unwinding to care.

Your Body Will Thank You

The world is becoming far more health conscious than what it was a few years ago. As such, a jetted spa bath is currently in high demand for households who understand the benefits of hydrotherapy. Hydrotherapy is a kind of physical therapy that works with water. Water has amazing properties to heal and soothe, and when combined with gentle but firm pressure from microjets, the resulting aquatic treatment does wonders for the human body.

Candido Jacuzzi of the Jacuzzi brand was, in fact, seeking a way to help his young son’s rheumatoid arthritis when he invented the hot tub. After a doctor suggested hydrotherapy, Candido began work on a water pump that resulted in a bubbling whirlpool. Today, we understand just how beneficial spa bath jets are, and why using one each day is recommended by physical therapists.

Just a few minutes each day in a jetted tub is enough to experience the advantages, which include:

  • Easing tired and aching muscles that are in spasms due to strain and exercise.
  • Strengthening weakened muscles in the water’s resistance.
  • Stretching and movement within the bath with zero harmful impact to the joints.
  • Improved circulation due to the jets’ pressure and warmth, which causes vasodilation.
  • Enhanced balance because of the body remaining stable in the turbulence of the bubbles.
  • Swelling drainage due to the hydrostatic pressure placed on the body while immersed in water.
  • Alleviated symptoms of stress and anxiety because of feel-good hormones released while relaxing.

Summer Place is a Leading Manufacturer

In South Africa, you will find plenty of manufacturers that supply basic tubs used for ordinary living. At Summer Place, however, we do not do ordinary. We do exceptional – and exceptional jetted spas and luxury tubs are what we are all about. Our products stand out due to their air-inducted, high-volume jets that produce 130 litres of water per minute, where the industry standard is usually set at 60 to 80 litres. These P30 jets provide an immense amount of air volume (up to three times the amount of other spa jets found in the country). We do not rely on expensive, imported parts, and our 40-year-old brand offers each valued client full-time service and maintenance.

Want to put our standard to the test? Send us any queries you might have through our online contact channel, and we will get back to you with all you need to know.

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