Bathtubs Freestanding

Bathtubs Freestanding

How Freestanding Bathtubs Can Transform Your Home


A simple flip through a décor magazine will let you know that freestanding tubs are trending in the world of interior design. Homeowners cannot seem to get enough of streamlining their bathrooms and turning them into works of functional art. Designers and manufacturers have picked up on this trend and have reassessed the way plumbing can look – and the results have been exquisite. If you, like many others, have fallen in love with the magnificence of these wonderful creations, then keep reading to find out how a freestanding bath can transform your home.

Freestanding baths

Hot tubs are an investment, and depending on which one you buy, prices can be rather costly. Spending a lot of money on something that will not work well for you is not wise, which is why you will need to look into a few aspects that you may not have considered before. At Summer Place, we encourage people to do their homework before settling for a spa they know nothing about, so we have put together a few of the most important factors to think about while looking for the perfect Jacuzzi bath.

Where it All Began

Freestanding tubs have been around longer than recessed tubs (the kind installed against a wall). When looking at history, it may be surprising to find that a private tub in the home only really gained popularity in the 1800s. By the late 19th century, those elegant “clawfoot” tubs were at the height of their popularity. Due to the fact that they were constructed using porcelain-lined cast iron, the water inside these baths stayed warm for a long time, which made bathing enjoyable. Thus began the tub’s journey into being considered an item of luxury and relaxation instead of being used merely for hygiene purposes.

An Element of Luxury

The affluent families in the Victorian era that relished in their daily sponge baths set the tone for bathing as we now know it – freestanding tubs are considered fancy. They are also regarded as rare, as most modern homes have a recessed or alcove bath installed. Investing in a freestanding tub will undoubtedly add luxury to your bathroom.

The Perfect Use of Space

A large, spacious bathroom needs some clever decorating, or it may feel neglected and empty. In terms of architectural aesthetics, introducing a freestanding tub to the room makes the most of negative space and engages the eye. If you are keen on a design concept far from anything ordinary and traditional, then such a product would work best for you.

A Statement Piece

Freestanding tubs go against the norm. This is why they make such a striking first impression. They are meant to be installed in a prominent position, so that an individual lays eyes on it first when entering the bathroom. Another reason why they are so captivating is that one can visually engage with the design from all sides.

Express Your Creativity

Style is everywhere, not just in fashion or furniture. Your sense of style and creativity can and should be represented in every object you place in your home – even the plumbing. Freestanding tubs not only come in a vast range of styles and sizes, but you can select one that contributes to and accents your personal taste. Life is far too short to settle for anything you do not absolutely enjoy using.

Some of Our Top Sellers

At Summer Place, spas and baths have become our passion and pride. Every product in our range exceeds expectations in both looks and performance, and this is why we have such a dedicated clientele supporting us. Having been in the industry for over 40 years, we know what customers want. Our line of freestanding tubs is second to none, and our top sellers include:

  • The Cloud Island – This timeless oval wonder is made up of clean lines and has a capacity of 300 litres.
  • The Moderno Duo – This product can be installed as a freestanding island or against the wall with three 90-litre per minute centre-air jets.
  • The Parisienne Island – The oval jetted design on the Parisienne tub evokes feelings of nostalgia while still maintaining an air of contemporary elegance.

Another great factor about each tub in our line is that they include powerful P30 centrally air inducted, high-volume jets that outperform the industry’s standard jets by far. The purpose of these jets is therapeutic, and once you have experienced the benefits of hydrotherapy, you will not want to go back to anything less.

If you would like to come home each evening to a sophisticated, luxurious bathroom in which to find the ultimate peace of mind and tranquillity, then why not have a look at our product brochures? Alternatively, you can contact us online or pay one of our stockists near you a visit.



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