Baths l Soak Away Your Worries with Blissful Baths

Baths l Soak Away Your Worries with Blissful Baths

Blissful Baths: The Perfect Soaking Experience for Ultimate Relaxation


When asked to think about which modern bathroom invention for cleanliness, convenience and restorative relaxation they most appreciate and would hate to be without, baths invariably appear near or at the very top of many a person’s list of favourite and most essential bathroom appointments.


Sought-after Summer Place Baths


If you have ever enjoyed the luxury and sheer bathroom bliss and luscious luxury of soaking and relaxing in a Summer Place jetted bath, especially if it is installed in your own private master bathroom, a bathtub is most likely to appear as your most sought-after, list-topping refinement. It’s to be expected since our baths are masterpieces of modern, understated design with therapeutic functions.


What Sets Summer Place Apart?


Since our establishment in 1968, Summer Place Spas & Baths has become synonymous with premier quality, bliss in the bathroom, plus the matchless luxury of our bathtub and spa collections. In our industry and amongst our discerning clientele, we’re known as South Africa’s foremost manufacturer of high-end, luxurious jetted spas and bathtubs.


All Products Feature High-Tech Jet Systems



Without exception, the baths and spas in our comprehensive Summer Place ranges are equipped with the latest high-tech, innovative water/air induction jet systems, to name only one of the extraordinary features found in all our hydrotherapeutic products.


After running numerous tests, and trials and assessing their results to establish the very best, most effective location of our jets, we’ve designed and equipped our Summer Place baths to incorporate the most effectual placement of each jet system – relative to the shape, contours, size and form of each bathtub model.


In so doing, our discerning clients are assured of enjoying the relaxing massage techniques provided by targeted jets of a scientifically proportioned combination of water and air.


Thorough Chemical-free Draining Systems


Our baths incorporate self-draining systems. When draining and emptying these tubs, plumbing and pumps automatically dry thoroughly, which prevents the growth of mould and the formation of unpleasant mouldy smells. This efficient self-draining system naturally enhances the hygienic elements of the bathtub, without the use of potentially harmful, ecologically unfriendly chemical products.


A Comprehensive Collection of Modern Designs


With 14 different bath styles on offer in our bathtub collection, clients truly are spoiled for choice. Summer Place focuses on modern, “less is more”, clean and minimalistic design lines, without losing the aesthetic appeal of tasteful, yet understated opulence, simplicity and elegance.


A Bathtime Gift that Keeps on Giving


Although a blissful soak in a luxury jetted bath is not season-dependent, why not give yourself a grand year-end gift that will keep on giving you a splendid bathroom, plus numerous years of health-enhancing hydrotherapy and an ultimate sense of well-being and relaxation? Contact Summer Place today for a luxury bathtub that does all this and more.

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