Baths: Hydrotherapy Treatments at Home

Baths: Hydrotherapy Treatments at Home

Hydrotherapy at Home: Harnessing the Healing Power of Water in Baths 


Baths are nothing new. However, Summer Place baths and spas incorporate the best of the very latest hydrotherapy technologies combined with the art and scientific principles of superb bathtub design. Our revolutionary baths represent exceptionally innovative and comparatively recent developments, which we’ve been improving and refining consistently to become ever more sophisticated and sought after ever since our establishment in 1968.


Obsessive About Taking Bathsbaths


When making comparisons that involve bathing in different eras, you invariably consider when the historical practice of utilising manmade baths occurred. As is so often the case, the ancient Romans are known to have been somewhat obsessive about the restorative power of water and soaking regularly to cleanse, soothe, relax, heal and relieve bodily aches, pains, tensions and muscular injuries.


However, during that ancient era, private baths, incorporated into sumptuous villa designs, were only available to the very wealthy classes. The remainder of the population frequented public baths that proliferated in Roman cities. Although exact numbers vary, researchers were able to document 952 baths in Rome in 354 AD.


Summer Place’s Bathtime Luxuries


We cannot offer you 952 different options at Summer Place, but the ranges that we design, manufacture and distribute offer you luxury par excellence. You’ll also be superbly equipped to indulge in the relaxation and restorative luxury of targeted hydrotherapy massage treatments, effortlessly incorporated into your daily bathing routine – in the comfort and privacy of your own bathroom at home.  


Effective Home-based Hydrotherapy


The efficacy of Summer Place’s hydrotherapy baths is created by our strategically situated, new and improved series of jets, which combine perfect streams of water and air to provide gentle massage techniques to targeted areas of the immersed body.


Due to our hydrotherapy jets’ gentle action, a penetrating, deep-tissue massage takes place without causing any discomfort. Instead, you can relish this relaxing experience, whilst enjoying the multiple benefits of hydrotherapy in your tub at home.


With a Summer Place jetted bath installed in your bathroom, you’ll enjoy the best of two opulent worlds. You’ll luxuriate in a tub designed to elevate your bathroom to new heights, whilst you harness the healing and natural power of warm, jetted water that soothes, relaxes, relieves, restores and rebalances your mind, body and spirit.


Everything to Gain


You’ve nothing to lose, except aches, pains and tensions, and almost everything beneficial to gain. Contact Summer Place today to invest in your well-being and experience bathtime bliss at your leisure in your own hydrotherapy jetted tub at home.

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