Bathing Luxury with Bath Shower Suites

Bathing Luxury with Bath Shower Suites

Life is so fast, driven and busy. Not everyone is able to take frequent vacations to regroup and centre themselves. Having a safe haven to escape to every day in your own home can give you that calm oasis, where you can ground yourself and escape the chaotic rat race for a little while. Tailoring your bathroom to your taste and needs is a great way to create a safe space that you can enjoy escaping to and relaxing in.

Your luxurious bathroom can help to define the elegance of your home, and even add value to your property. With so many products and options introduced into the market, you have infinite solutions for designing a bathroom that meets all of your needs. Bath shower suites are the newest innovations in modern bathroom finishings these days. Oftentimes, these suites are designed for smaller bathrooms where optimising space is a priority.

These bath showers accommodate both bathtub and shower on the same spot. You can use yours for a quick refreshing shower or take a long, relaxing bath to soothe your body and mind, depending on your preferences. If you are planning to refurbish your bathroom, the first step would be to get rid of the old bathroom, and then start planning for something new and innovative like a luxury bath shower suite.

Enjoy Sheer Luxury in Your Own Home with Bath Shower Suites

The idea behind the bath shower is to create a sense of luxury in your bathroom without having to compromise on the practical aspects of your limited space. The idea of taking a long soak after a trying day has always been popular among people from all walks of life. If you have a smaller space to work with in your bathroom, then you can still merge practicality with luxury by choosing a bath shower unit.

Bath shower units are rather reasonably priced, and when you consider that you receive a bath and a shower for the same price, it just makes it even more appealing. You can enjoy a variety of styles that are sure to mesh with your design preferences.

Summer Place Spas & Baths specialises in providing our valued clients with the healing power of hydrotherapy, through our extensive range of luxury domestic and commercial products. We provide steam units, spas and jetted baths, among many other products to the discerning property owner. Our extensive catalogue transforms your bathroom into a relaxing escape and a safe oasis from the hustle and bustle of modern-day life in South Africa.

We draw design inspiration from the very latest and most cutting-edge European trends, each of our products is carefully adapted and customised to suit the tastes, conditions and preferences of our valued southern African clientele. Why should you choose to partner with Summer Place Spas & Baths for your units? Here are only a few great reasons:

    • Design elements and aspects relevant to our range include the jet clusters that are recessed into the walls of our baths. This further enhances bather comfort and places an emphasis on back and neck massage, and all of the benefits associated with cutting-edge massage therapy.
    • All of our baths are self-draining systems. This further guarantees dry pumps and plumbing once the bath is drained, ensuring a hygienic system at all times.

We are proud of our extensive selection of the best quality jetted baths available on the market. With many decades of experience in the sector, we have forged our company as an industry leader in the supply and manufacture of jetted baths, steam units and luxury spas. When you invest in any of our units, you can rest assured that you will only receive the very best quality value for your money.

All of our products are manufactured using the very best raw materials available on the market to further guarantee the quality and workmanship of our products. Each of our products enjoys above industry standard guarantees and warranties on workmanship and quality, giving you even further peace of mind when shopping with us. Contact us, at Summer Place Spas & Baths, to learn more about our extensive selection of great quality and affordable baths and showers in South Africa.

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