Bath Sizes – Sometimes Bigger is Better

Bath Sizes – Sometimes Bigger is Better

How you enjoy your bath time will depend on the bathroom, what is available in it and of course the actual bath tub. Everyone likes to relax in hot water letting the stresses and strains of the day simply melt away. You will find that there are various bath sizes available on the market and when looking for the right tub for you, the size will need to be considered. If you are looking to change your bathroom into an enjoyable space that offers you and your family the opportunity for relaxation and luxury, then investing in a slightly bigger bathtub than the average size would be advised, and encouraged.

At Summer Place we feel that every bath experience should be one that helps you to relax and unwind – especially after a busy work day. This is why we present such an extensive range of product options to the market. You can leisurely browse through each of our items and select those that best interest you. Once you have made a shortlist of your best options, allow one of our sales consultants to present the unit and all of its features and conveniences to you. You can shop online by browsing through our product listings or you can request a hard copy of our catalogue. We also have a show room that you can visit to see some of our products and experience them in real life.

If you have the space available, you might want to invest in a large tub and include jets and massagers as well. This is ideal for those who like to share their bath with a loved one and can provide quite the relaxing experience.

Regardless of the type and size of bathtub you are looking for, we at Summer Place will present you with the ideal range of options and ensure that the unit is also accurately and professionally installed for you. Sprucing up your bathroom and adding value to your home as a result is something that we at Summer Place look forward to assisting you with.

On our catalogue of large units you will find the Moderno Duo which has a great design similar to popular modern European units. This particular bath tub can hold up to 280 litres of water and is the ideal tub to be shared by two. 6 micro jets and 3 whirlpool settings ensure that you get the ultimate enjoyment and relaxation from this tub. A back massage, foot massage and thigh massage can be enjoyed by the placement of the various jets in this particular model. You can choose this unit as a freestanding one or a corner unit – the choice you make will depend on your personal preference and of course the space that you have available to you.

Of course there are other units and models available that offer the same, and more in terms of size, water capacity, design, hydrotherapy opportunities and more. It is always best to consider a few options in order to know that you are receiving or investing in an item that you will appreciate in your home.

By changing simply the bath tub in your home, you can transform the look and feel and overall enjoyment of your bathroom. Bath time can become quite the treat if you have the right facilities available to you and we at Summer Place want to ensure that you can incorporate these facilities into your home. When considering your options feel free to chat directly to our sales consultants; who will present each of your options to you, and also provide you with a quotation which you can compare as you go along. Choosing a bath tub is not something that should be done spur of the moment – take your time to choose a unit that you will be happy to live with not just now, but for many years to come.

If you are interested in investigating various bath sizes and how they will fit into your current bathroom space and design then make sure that you spend some time browsing through our range at Summer Place. Allow us to help you with the refurbishment of your bathroom and start looking forward to bath times today.

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