Bath Shower? Bath? Shower? – Luxury Bath Solutions

Bath Shower? Bath? Shower? – Luxury Bath Solutions

Which is Better? A Bath, Shower or a Bath Shower Combination?

Should you install a plush jetted bath, a combination of a tub with a bath shower or a stand-alone shower cubicle rather? Truth is that all three offer benefits. Let’s look at these first before answering the question.


What is a Bath Shower and What are the Benefits?

It is a type of bathroom fixture, designed to offer the benefits of a tub and shower. It is normally installed along with a deep tub. You can use it as a handheld type, or have it spray a steady stream of hot or cold water from the top.

The main benefits include space-saving and value addition to your existing tub. You can use the handheld device to wash your hair over the tub or while sitting. It is also useful for cleaning out the tub with a jet of high-pressure water.


Why is the Stand-Alone Cubicle Beneficial?

If you don’t have time to indulge in the luxury of hydrotherapy while seated or lying down, then you’ll appreciate the convenience of a shower cubicle. The cubicle prevents wind from blowing onto you and water from spilling onto the floor.


Why is the Jetted Spa Tub Beneficial?Jetted Spa Bath

It offers all the luxuries of a conventional tub and more. Comfortable seating, spaciousness, excellent heat control, and full control over the jet spray speed and pulse, in addition to elegance beyond imagination make the jetted tub the epitome of sensory indulgence while relaxing and getting clean.


When is it Better to Opt for a Corner Tub than an Island One?

The corner tub saves floor and wall space. It uses a space that would otherwise be empty. In addition, it creates an unusual setting – a break from the conventional wall-set rectangular tub. The corner tub is often also more spacious because of its layout and design. This spaciousness makes it possible to add a bath shower as you’ll have enough foot space to stand while getting a refreshing spray of water all over your body.

The corner unit is better suited for the smaller bathroom than the central island type. The island tub is perfect for a spacious room where you can also place a stand-alone cubicle. It is considered an opulent tub, fit for those who want to make a statement of elegance.


To Conclude

All three options are beneficial, depending on the available space and your lifestyle needs. When you buy a jetted tub from Summer Place you can add a handheld bath shower for that added convenience. View our range of jetted spa tubs that offer hydrotherapy luxury in your own home.

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