Few people need reasons to take a long luxurious bath. They are already enjoyable on their own and can help to relieve stress, soothe aching muscles and leave us feeling clean and refreshed. Nevertheless, there is an even bigger reason to soak for a few hours – your health! Buying a new spa pool can boost your general health and wellbeing.

Studies show that taking regular spa pool baths can boost your cardiovascular health. By immersing yourself in water up to your neck, your body enjoys a cardiac workout. The science behind it is that water puts more pressure on your body, which in turn increases your cardiac volume. Put simply, when your body is soaking in water, your heart works harder, helping it stay healthy.

Hot water promotes relaxation, getting you in the mood for sleep. This is why insomniacs love spa pools, as the heat from the hot water relaxes your muscles and helps you enter sleep mode easier. If you have a hard time falling asleep, take a soak in your spa bath. You should, however, avoid falling asleep in a spa pool, that is just a terrible idea!

Lower Your Blood Pressure Simply by Bathing

Prominent studies performed by acclaimed institutions like the Mayo Clinic reveal that merely sitting in a spa bath can help lower your blood pressure. This is fantastic news for anyone at risk of heart disease, or for anyone suffering from hypertension. Of course, a spa pool is no substitute for professional medical treatment for any of these ailments, but hot water in spa pools can help to increase your heart rate, while also helping to lower blood pressure levels. This reinforces the claim that spa pools boost cardiovascular health.

All this relaxation and warmth that you enjoy in a spa pool is not only good for your actual body, but it is also good for your mental state. Sitting in warm water and enjoying the treatment of hydrotherapy can release endorphins and help to greatly reduce stress. Reducing stress has positive improvements on your physical and mental health, and promotes a feeling of general wellbeing. Need any more reasons?

Spending time in a spa pool daily can help to open up pores. The strong jets enforcing the hydrotherapy open pores and give the water the opportunity to work its way in there and clean out dirt and toxins from your skin. This leaves you with a refreshed feeling and clearer skin, and the detoxification process will leave you feeling better too!

Headaches? Take a Bath in Your New Spa Pool

For anyone suffering from frequent headaches, the cumulative effect of dilated blood vessels, the warmth of the water and the relaxation enjoyed from spa pool baths can help reduce headaches. By dilating the blood vessels, it can lead to a decrease in pressure in your head, which helps to get rid of headaches. General warmth and relaxation also further boost this process.

Buy Affordable and Cutting-Edge Spa Pools from Summer Place Spas & Baths

At Summer Place Spas & Baths, we bring decades of innovation and excellence to the modern spa pool and jetted baths industry. For many years, we have been the preferred supplier of affordable and reliable spa pools for clients in the Southern African region. Our 40-year-old company is also known for running full-time service and maintenance teams dedicated to ensuring that our valued customers experience peace of mind and hassle-free enjoyment of their new spa pools.

With an extensive range of spa pools, bathtubs and Jacuzzis, we are sure to have something that appeals to your style and preferences. Let us help you buy a new spa pool for your home or spa. We are passionate about our industry and continue to dedicate ourselves to maintaining the high level of customer satisfaction that we have achieved over the years.

All our heaters are housed in quality stainless steel housings, in order to prevent distortion from occurring in the heater sleeves, which ultimately results in leaking. This is just one more way in which we lead the industry forward in innovation. To learn more about our company, and to find out how we can help you benefit from the advantages of hydrotherapy, contact our passionate sales professionals today.

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