Free-Standing Baths

Free-Standing Baths

Are Free-Standing Baths Worth It?

Free-standing baths have a special attraction to them. Not only are these tubs designed for luxury, but they also look the part. The question today is whether island baths are worth it, or should you go with a built-in tub? Read on to discover some valuable insights.


Cons of free-standing baths

These tubs are often more expensive than built-in tubs. You can thus expect to pay slightly more for the luxury of a middle-of-the-floor type tub. Also, you need the space to fit such a tub. If your bathroom is on the smaller side, opt for a corner unit, which can be just as luxurious and big as the free-standing tub, but leave you with more floor space.


Pros of free-standing baths

Luxurious Freestanding Baths - Free Standing Baths

These units offer you the luxury of accessing the tubs from both the left- and right-hand sides. If you opt for a round unit, you can enter from three sides without hassle.

The middle-of-the-floor placement offers you a luxurious setting. Of course, you can place the tub slightly to one side for more floor space, thereby overcoming one of the cons. When you purchase one of the jetted tubs from Summer Place, you also have the benefit of a hydro-spa in the luxury of your home. This means you can experience the relaxing, soothing and tension-relieving benefits of the water jets massaging pressure points and sore muscles.

Often, the island units offer more seating than conventional built-in units. Spacious seating for two is possible if you purchase one of the duo tubs, enabling you to relax in a hot massaging tub with your partner.

Because of their luxurious feel and superb value, these units can add extra value to your home. If you want to upgrade a room in your home before selling, then splashing a bit on the main bathroom will help you get the desired price for your home.

Examples of the luxury and comfort to be enjoyed can be seen in our jetted bath section. The Parisienne Deluxe is the epitome of relaxation for two. The island tub offers luxury massages for two persons at the opposite ends of the tub with high backs, ensuring optimal comfort. The Parisienne Island tub for one is just as plush. With its smooth lines and comfortable seating, it provides a water paradise for one.


Conclusion – Are They Worth It?

With the pros far outweighing the cons, the answer is a resounding yes. Add lavishness to your home with an island tub, fitted with state-of-the-art jets and exceptionally comfortable seating. Visit one of our showrooms in South Africa or reach out for a quote and more information on our free-standing baths and other products.

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