A Secret of Healthy and Happy People

A Secret of Healthy and Happy People

How are some of the busiest people able to start their day looking refreshed, relaxed and energised? How do active people continue to go on even when they have minor pains and aches? These people share a secret – they have discovered the many great benefits of hydrotherapy that luxury Jacuzzis and spas has to offer. Warm water, or hydrotherapy, promotes stress reduction, relaxing and great pain relief.

Jacuzzis in particular are well-known for delivering stimulating and soothing hydrotherapy. The warm water combined with the massage elements of a spa tub can help to reduce stress, clear your mind and also soothe overworked and tired muscles. Buoyancy, heat and massage work in tandem in luxury Jacuzzis and spas to produce the many advantages that hydrotherapy offers and which people are after. Heat helps to improve circulation and helps to warm joints and muscles.

What are the benefits of luxury Jacuzzi and spas to the body?

There are many reasons attributable to the popularity of luxury Jacuzzis and spas, and as more and more people become aware of it, the more popular it becomes. Because of the increasing demand for this technology in South Africa, home-based luxury spas and Jacuzzis are also becoming more affordable. This means that more South African homeowners than ever before can now afford their own unit, not to mention all the benefits too.

Buoyancy lifts the pressure of weight from the muscles and joints. A hydrotherapy massage will effectively stimulate muscle healing and soothe soreness, also helping ease arthritic pain in surrounding joints. By encouraging the flow of endorphins and removing lactic acid from the body, people with muscle pain and injuries will start to feel the difference almost immediately.

Here are only a few other advantages that luxury Jacuzzis and spas can hold for your family:

– Targeted pain relief;

– Pre-sports warm up;

– Improved sleep habits; and

– Increased relaxation, among many others.

Whether you need to juggle family and work, or you are in the process of recovering from a muscle or joint injury, or simply need to unwind from the stresses of modern day life, luxury Jacuzzis and spas will provide you with healing effects. You will enjoy the nourishing rejuvenation and relaxation that hydrotherapy has to offer.

Summer Place Luxury Jacuzzis and Spas

Since 1968, Summer Place Spas & Baths has been South Africa’s premier manufacturer of luxury Jacuzzis, spas and baths. We have become renowned for our “Designer Series” jetted bath range, as well as an extensive range of quality Summer Place inground spas and our PowerForm portable spa range.

For many years, Summer Place has been offering South African households the luxury and many incredible benefits of hydrotherapy in the privacy and comfort of their own homes. With exceptional quality products and an excellent after sales and backup service, we have garnered an industry leading reputation in the industry which we continually strive to improve on even more.

We are proud of our long service history in the luxury Jacuzzi and spas industry and we continue to provide our valued customers with only the very best quality products available on the market. Our team is available to help you choose the best spa or Jacuzzi for your home based on your specific requirements. There are so many reasons why it pays to invest in a hydrotherapeutic bath for your home.

Portable Luxury Spas from Summer Place

If you want the flexibility of a portable luxury spa, then you have come to the right place. Our PowerForm Portable Spas is engineered from the very finest materials on the market. We export our range to over 14 countries around the world. It has become known in the industry for embodying the most innovative and sophisticated design technology available today.

Set in a surround of rich hardwood crafted slats, its tough acrylic shell is entirely UV resistant. It will not age and it will not absorb body oils, bacteria or any other chemicals. With incredibly easy maintenance, you will not have to fret about it taking up much of your time at all.

If you would like to learn more about Summer Place’s extensive range of luxury Jacuzzis and spas, speak to any of our consultants to find out how you too can harness the power of hydrotherapy in your starting today.

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