9 Good Reasons To Regularly Have A Steam Bath

9 Good Reasons To Regularly Have A Steam Bath

Not everybody loves steam baths, but the benefits associated with regularly having a steam bath are simply undeniable. Some people love the post-workout feel of a good steam, while others just like the heat and relaxation it provides after a busy day. Not everyone likes a sauna, and for those people, steam baths seem to be the perfect alternative. Not only does it not have the dry and intense heat of a sauna, but the steam in a steam bath provides other health benefits that not many people think about. Here are some of the main contenders.

1. Stress relief: The moist heat from the steam bath can soothe your skin, muscles, and nerve endings. Your muscles become warm and as a result, they expand and relax, which gives them time to absorb lactic acid and heal better after a workout or a busy day. Because steam baths are – well – steamy, they provide a sense of privacy, even if you share a steam bath with others. This allows you to zone out in your own atmosphere for a while, and gather your thoughts in a tranquil and rich environment. This aids relaxation and helps people to deal with stress better. It is also believed to be a great relief for people who suffer regularly from migraines (which are usually brought on by stress). Some time spent in a steam bath will leave you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated, and provide a good dopamine fix that will make you feel good for hours!

2. Skin cleansing: Steam is a great substance to help clear impurities in the skin. It is even used as a treatment for acne and psoriasis of the skin. The heat and the moisture help to draw out toxic substances and moisturise the skin. Circulation is also improved, and this helps the skin to recover and rejuvenate. Often, people sport a healthy glow for hours after stepping out of a steam bath.

3. Losing weight: The heat in a steam room forces your body to build up a steady sweat, and this reduces water retention, which in turn makes you a bit lighter on the scales. Because it is only water that is lost during the process, it is not endorsed as a method of weight loss, but it can be used as a tool during a weight-loss routine. Because it is mostly water that is lost, it encourages the person to drink more water – which can only be good for you!

4. Alleviates sinus problems: If you have a cold and step into a steam room, you will immediately find that the heat opens the sinuses and thins out the mucous membranes that have become so problematic during a cold or an allergy. After a steam, your breathing may be easier and the nasal passages function more optimally.

5. Detoxification of the body: One of the main reasons human beings sweat is to rid the body of waste products. Taking a steam bath for around 20 minutes can expel a whole lot of toxins and waste products through sweat, which helps internal organs to deal with everyday toxins in food and drinks, and the toxins that come from breathing in our atmosphere.

6. Cardiovascular assistance: In a steam bath, the body responds to the heat and humidity in the same way as it would respond to mild exercise. The heart beats faster, but it doesn’t exhaust muscles, which provides the heart with a mild workout that can only benefit the body and mind.

7. Improved circulation: Because the heart beats harder due to the heat and humidity in a steam bath, blood flow increases around the body. This means that the skin and vital organs are fed oxygen-rich blood to keep them in good condition.

8. Post exercise recovery: After a hard exercise session, a good steam bath can help your muscles to relax, and your body to absorb some of the lactic acid that will otherwise make you feel stiff and sore hours later. The heat and the moisture assist in muscle recovery and reduce pain, while encouraging healing of the muscle fibres. This in turn can help you to recover quickly from a hectic workout, and enable you to work out harder the next day.

9. Social interaction: Taking a steam bath while communicating with others may not be everybody’s cup of tea, there is a lot to be said for the social interaction that may potentially occur in these rooms. Many a movie has featured a steam bath scene where business or crime is discussed in a steam bath, while everybody is relaxed and encased in steam. Because you are sitting in a relatively small enclosure with people, you are more inclined to talk to others here, and often friendships or social interactions are struck up in a steam bath.

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