7 Surprising Benefits of Installing a Jacuzzi at Home

7 Surprising Benefits of Installing a Jacuzzi at Home

7 Surprising Benefits of Installing a Jacuzzi at Home

A Jacuzzi is the first attraction that people flock to while on vacation or visiting a wellness spa. The reason for this is because of how hot tubs make us feel – relaxed, calm, and as though we are living in the lap of luxury. While installing a Jacuzzi in your own home, your primary motivation may be how it looks or adds to your outdoor recreational area, but did you know that there are some real benefits you can look forward to when investing in this jetted wonder?

What Are Hot Tubs?

Jacuzzi Hot TubsWhile the terms “Jacuzzi” and “hot tub” are used interchangeably, Jacuzzi is actually the name of a brand that manufactures spa baths and hot tubs. After many years of the company changing owners and brand profiles, people now use the word Jacuzzi synonymously with any spa bath, indoor or outdoor, that is fitted with underwater jets.

If you are considering purchasing a luxury jetted bath, then you will be pleased to find out that there are seven advantages of having one installed in your very own home – and they all improve your health and wellbeing.

  1. Relieve Stress and Rejuvenate Your MindSince ancient times, water has been a source of comfort and relaxation. Adding a water feature to any garden is, after all, the easiest way to introduce an element of tranquillity to the area. Warm water replicates the feeling of a natural hot spring, and the body’s buoyancy in water allows one to feel weightless and unburdened. The heat also slows down the endocrine system, and stress hormones produced by adrenal glands are reduced, leaving the body calmer.
  2. Hydrotherapy for Tired MusclesThe powerful jets used in hot tubs gently massage aching joints and soft tissues in the body while the heat tackles tight knots and spasms in the back, shoulders, and neck. Hot tubs are used often by sports athletes who require rapid recovery of injuries due to muscle strain.
  3. Soothe Pain from Chronic IllnessesWhile relaxing in a Jacuzzi, blood vessels begin to widen, resulting in vasodilation. The enhanced blood circulation and promotes healing through better oxygenation, which targets sore and inflamed joints caused by illnesses, such as arthritis and rheumatic diseases.
  4. Kickstart Your Immune SystemWhen blood flow improves, so does the circulation of the body’s first line of defence: white blood cells. White blood cells are crucial to fighting off disease and infection, which means that a Jacuzzi will not only relax you, but keep your body healthy too.
  5. Detox YourselfAlong with increased lymphatic flow, your body will sweat in warm water, which is one of the fastest ways in which the body removes toxins from the blood. Another way your body detoxes itself is through respiration, which is also improved by the steam hot tubs provide (by lessening mucous and increasing oxygen intake).
  6. Sleep Better at NightImmersing yourself in a warm Jacuzzi helps your nervous system wind down after a long, active day. Having a soak an hour or two before bed is the ideal way to transition from your daily routine to your bedtime, where your body temperature and metabolic rate slowly returning to normal will lull you into a peaceful sleep.
  7. Hydrostatic PressureHydrostatic pressure is created by gravity, as well as the depth of fluid by which an object is enveloped. In essence, the deeper an object, the more downward force from above it experiences. Used in aqua therapy, hydrostatic pressure alleviates pain, inflammation, and has a calming effect on children and adults with tactile sensitivities.

At Summer Place, our wide selection of hot tubs and luxury jetted spas will offer you more choice than you could ever have imagined. Whether you want something to relax in, or if you are after the many ways in which you can improve your health, we have a product for you. If you would like more information on our products, services, and promotions, feel free to download our online brochures or like and follow our Facebook page. Introducing luxury and refinement to your home has never been this easy – simply call us or fill out an enquiry form on our website, and we will contact you back.

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