6 Good Reasons To Choose Free-standing Baths Instead Of Built-in Baths

6 Good Reasons To Choose Free-standing Baths Instead Of Built-in Baths

Free-standing baths have become increasingly popular in bathrooms for homes and hospitality establishments. People want their good looks and the feeling of luxury that they provide, and as a result, they are now features in all types of bathrooms – from modern to classic!

Free-standing baths are exactly what the words mean – baths that stand independently from the floor and the wall. It has space around it and is usually situated in a space in the bathroom that either provides a great view or a good focal point. There is no arguing with the effect that is created by a large free-standing bath in the centre of a bathroom because free-standing baths are specifically designed for the maximum visual effect and ultimate luxury. You certainly won’t find a free-standing bath blending into a corner. Choosing a free-standing bath ensures that your bathroom has a distinctively luxurious look and feel.

Other reasons people love to choose free-standing baths for their bathrooms include the following:

Different styles and looks: Bathing has been a popular activity for many centuries. The Egyptians and Romans were known for cleanliness and took their baths in communal baths carved from marble and fed by springs. For centuries after that, people either washed in these communal baths or washed in their chambers in large containers made of wood or iron. Free-standing baths have been around since the first bathtub (as we know them today) was designed in 1883 by an American man named John Kohler. He was the first person to take a cast iron horse trough and amend the shape of it to best fit a human being.

Reduces pain: If you suffer from joint pain, muscle aches, or skin ailments, a portable spa is just what you need. Because a spa will stimulate circulation, it allows better blood flow to the places in your body where it is needed most and provides relief for many different ailments, including joint pain and insomnia. There are only a few things that can prepare you for a good night’s sleep as well as a lovely soak in a spa.

He then added feet to the bath and covered the trough with enamel, thus the first enamel bath was born! Since then, the styles and sizes have varied immensely, and nowadays, there are lots of different makes and models of free-standing baths on the market. They are even made of a range of different materials. You can usually choose between acrylic, iron, and enamel. Because there are so many types to choose from, you can find something for just about any style of bathroom.

Visual impact: If it is a strong focal point you need in your bathroom, a free-standing bath is just what you want. It creates a feeling of spaciousness and luxury that built-in baths don’t always provide. Bathrooms can sometimes become an afterthought when the initial design is done, but they are very powerful in making a style statement, and a great bathroom can add value to the property. Designing the bathroom to have space for a free-standing bath is a win.

Modern design and old looks: Remember that a free-standing bath is not just limited to your typical Victorian bath that was so in fashion for the past century. Nowadays, you get super modern designs that can fit any type of bathroom and complement the style of any home. Sleek designs set on stands made of a variety of materials can really add beauty to the bathroom, and if you choose a particular look, e.g. Japanese, you can find a whole lot of minimalist-Japanese styled free-standing baths out there which are set in into wooden bases for the best look and function.

Space doesn’t have to be a problem: Most people think that you need a lot of space or a large bathroom if you want to install a free-standing bath. This is not entirely true. Because there are so many different sizes and shapes of free-standing baths around, you will be able to fit one into most bathrooms – unless they are really tiny. Some free-standing baths are designed to save space, and it is even possible to get an upright sitting bath for really small spaces. Smaller tubs are also better to use because they don’t require as much water and are generally cheaper to buy and to use.

Flexibility for placement: Free-standing baths can be placed just about anywhere in the bathroom because they are completely finished from all angles. You are not restricted to fixing it against a wall, so you can place it in the centre or one side of a room. This allows you to make a personal statement about your style and bathroom, and the placement of the tub can make the bathroom more practical and easy to use.

Easy to wash and maintain: Because free-standing baths are not built up against anything, you can walk around them, and this makes them much easier to clean all the way around. You can reach it from all angles to ensure that it looks pristine.

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