5 Great Tips On Choosing The Best Jacuzzi Dealer For Your Needs

5 Great Tips On Choosing The Best Jacuzzi Dealer For Your Needs

If you are planning to install a Jacuzzi, you must realise that it is not just a once-off transaction. Your Jacuzzi dealer should be able to provide you with ongoing after-sales service, and not just lose interest once the deal has been done and the money has been paid. From time to time, you will need to rely on your Jacuzzi dealer for maintenance, perhaps some repairs, and sometimes, you may even require them to remove your Jacuzzi and to reinstall it at another location. They need to be able to provide spares and services that you can rely on long after you have purchased your Jacuzzi.

Because there are so many Jacuzzi and hot tub dealers out there, it can be difficult to find one that will be able to take care of your specific needs. There are certain things that must factor into the decision you make, and certain questions you have to ask before making a decision. Here we provide you with some tips on selecting the right Jacuzzi dealer for you so that you can make a more informed decision.

If possible, choose local: If you choose a Jacuzzi dealer that is located close to your home or the property where the Jacuzzi is to be installed, it is easier to deal with them on a face-to-face basis if needed. Whether you need some advice on maintenance, need a spare part, or want someone to come and take care of some repairs, working with someone based closer is better. Sometimes, the head office may not be based close to you, but there are some large companies, such as Summer Place, with large distribution networks and representatives based around the country, so you may have to check whether their network stretches out to your area and which services they provide.

Check out their product range: If you have a specific type of Jacuzzi in mind, you have to find a supplier that can provide this specific product. There are literally hundreds of Jacuzzi designs and shapes out there, so finding a Jacuzzi dealer that has the product you need in their product range is essential. If they don’t provide this particular make or design, they may offer to find it somewhere else for you, but you may have to pay extra for this, and often they do not stock any parts for this model or have specific knowledge about how it operates.

Helpful advice: If you don’t know which type, model, or design of Jacuzzi would be suited to your space and needs, a good Jacuzzi supplier should be able to provide valuable advice to enable you to make the right decision. Ideally, they should be able to visit your premises and check out the space where you want your Jacuzzi and make recommendations about plumbing, location, preparation of the floor, and the size and type of Jacuzzi to purchase. Their advice and recommendations can make the difference between a Jacuzzi that really meets your needs and one that doesn’t fulfil your expectations. They must also provide you with advice on the effective maintenance of your Jacuzzi, in order to keep it functioning for a long period of time.

• Spares, parts, and technicians: You may need someone to carry out a repair, or you may need to replace certain components of your Jacuzzi. The Jacuzzi dealer you decide on should carry a stock of products for the specific model and type of Jacuzzi that you purchase from them. They should also be able to provide you with a qualified technician who can be called out for repairs if something goes wrong.

Good prices: Don’t only base your decision on the dealer that provides the lowest prices, but of course price is important. Compare some prices from different suppliers on the same Jacuzzi models and see what the average cost of the tub and installation will be. Too high or too low is usually not a good thing!

If you are looking for a Jacuzzi dealer that can provide you with a wide range of high-quality Jacuzzis, hot tubs, and baths, Summer Place is the supplier you need. Not only are our prices affordable, but we also have a wide network across South Africa, we have access to all the spares and parts you need, and we are always on standby to provide you with valuable advice. Give us a call today to find out more, or view our online catalogue to view our products.

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