3 Persuasive Reasons Why You Should Invest In A Portable Spa

3 Persuasive Reasons Why You Should Invest In A Portable Spa

Have you just been to a friend’s house with a gorgeous portable spa, and you’re now left wondering whether or not you should get one too? We don’t blame you. Whether you’re on the fence about buying a spa for personal reasons or you’re looking to convince your partner that you need one, here are three persuasive reasons why investing in a portable spa is an excellent idea.

#1 Affordable and Easy to Move Around

It’s the 21st century and typical modern living spaces have changed significantly over the years. We’re living in an era where our living spaces have shrunk, and as our spaces change, so do our needs. Fortunately, the hot tub industry has adapted to 21st-century lifestyles and today’s portable spas are so much more than just a standard hot tub. A spa that can be moved around and placed just about anywhere, portable spas are not only flexible and stylish, but they can also be integrated inside or outside. Whether you position them on concrete, paved areas, crushed rock, a wooden deck or on grass, one of the greatest benefits is being able to move them around to make your life more comfortable. Aside from the fact that portable spas can easily be moved around, portable spas are also quite affordable these days. Yes, owing to efficient manufacturing practices and competing brands, just about anyone can afford to install a portable spa.

#2 Kicks Stress and Insomnia to the Curb

Do you come home after a long day feeling stressed and tired, and then find it hard to sleep? In this day and age, it should come as no surprise to learn that stress is one of the leading causes of both disease and death, and this is where spas come to the rescue. The benefits of slipping into a steamy, bubbling portable spa for your daily dose of relaxation are many. For years, scientists have been studying the effects of hot water on the body, and what they’ve found is remarkable. Firstly, sitting in a hot tub raises your body temperature and the buoyancy of the water can help bring you to a totally calm and more relaxed state, relieving high-blood pressure and tension, as well as relaxing tense and tight muscles. Studies also suggest that once your body temperature has dropped upon leaving the spa, your mind will be completely relaxed, which will induce the body’s natural sleep mechanics. What this means is that you will sleep like a baby.

#3 A Portable Spa Can Bring Your Health into Focus

So much more than just a fancy box of water, soaking in a spa can be a great way to relax, rejuvenate and rehabilitate. While many of us appreciate that spa baths provide relaxation and pleasure, did you know that a portable spa also provides therapeutic health benefits which go much deeper?

Much more effective than painkillers, the warmth of the water raises the body’s temperature and causes blood vessels to dilate, resulting in increased circulation and blood flow. By improving circulation, you will feel instant relief from a backache, headaches and damaged nerves. But that’s not all, hot tubs also reduce joint conditions like arthritis, they help by lowering blood sugar levels for diabetics, and they bring down blood pressure. Yes, the therapeutic benefits of portable spas are many.

A brilliant investment that can be moved from one home to another, many homeowners throughout South Africa have chosen to transform their patios or decks into a more relaxing atmosphere with portable spas from Summer Place Spas & Baths. Renowned as South Africa’s premier manufacturer of luxury in-ground spas, jetted baths and portable spas, our hot tubs are simply a beautiful addition to any home or business.

Celebrating a combination of both traditional and modern designs inspired by European trends, our portable spas are engineered from the finest, highest quality natural materials, and can be found in a wide range of sizes. Boasting exceptional features, our portable spas are not only maintenance free, and stain and fade resistant, but they are also easy to drain and refill. When you invest in a portable spa, you’re not just investing in a hot tub – you’re investing in your health and lifestyle.

Changing lives one home at a time – turn to Summer Place Spas & Baths to invest in a portable spa today.

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